Ken Friedman, "Thirty Events and Objects" (1959-1994)

Ken Friedman's work has always been a form of artistic and intellectual shareware. The work is free for use by everyone provided that the source is acknowledged.

Thirty Events and Objects were Ken Friedman's contribution to The World's First Digital Art Festival organized by Nam June Paik for broadcast over the global computer network. The festival was a simultaneous festival on Worldwide Internet presented in connection with the Seoul-NYMAX Mediale, a Celebration of Arts without Borders that was presented at Anthology Film Archives in New York from October 8 to November 6, 1994.

These pieces were originally edited by Nam June Paik for his 1994 world wide internet festival.

These texts are copyright 1959-1994 by Ken Friedman. Each work is copyright in the year of creation. All rights reserved. All texts prior to 1978 were also copyright by Fluxus. The scores prior to 1978 were intended for publication by George Maciunas in a complete collection of Ken Friedman's events. The collection was first announced in 1966, but it never appeared.

Green Street

Acquire a Japanese folding scroll. Keep it in a blank state. After a
minimum of ten years, or on the death of the performer, inscribe the name
of the performer, the date of  acquisition and the date at the time of
inscription. The performance continues until the scroll is filled with

Fast Food Event

Go into a fast food restaurant. Order one example of every item on the
menu. Line everything up in a row on the table. Starting at one end of the
row, begin eating the items one at a time. Eat each item before moving on
to the next. Eat rapidly and methodically until all the food is finished.
Eat as fast as possible without eating too fast. Eat neatly. Do not make a

The Last Days of Pompeii

A desk or table. A beautiful calendar or time planner is open on the desk.
The book is open to a date selected at random. Written on the page with 3
p.m. circled: 'Destroy Pompeii this afternoon.'

Renter's Orchestra

Present an orchestra of instruments owned by people who cannot play them.