Allen Ginsberg, in an unpublished letter written to John Clellon Holmes, mid-July 1949

Ginsberg was in the "madhouse" at the time of writing this letter. "I am not allowed a pen (and have no typewriter of course here) so I must use pencil, though it annoys me."

"My 'visions,'" he continued, "were just moments of feeling, and I was confused because I didn't know what was real.... Life as Jack (and other writers) says is basically irrational because we live in a world of thoughts, and a feeling that literally requires no thought (that includes thought which is just waste excess use of energy not used in feeling) - is bound to strike us as irrational. Life is not thought. The difference between absolute thought and absolute feeling is something that can only be known by experience. In my 'case' - I have lived all my life in thought in the past. That is why I am now in the madhouse, when I find that my world is only an empty shadow, and the reality terrifies me + drives me wild. How many others outside are in the position I was (and am) in [is] something which I am in no position at all to judge….It is not like making a slight adjustment to reality, like getting a job - every secret, every dread, every inhibition has to be inexorably explored and broken through - every deed has to be accounted for on other terms than those which I used to account for them."

At the end of this letter he attached a four-stanza poem:

	It happened when the rain was grey
	A gloomy, doomy, cloudy day.
	I don't remember what it was,
	But then it seemed as clear as aglass.
		And anyway, it happened.

	Suspecting that my mind was shaken,
	At first I thought I was mistaken,
	But it was sweet + so sublime,
	And now it happens all the time,
		Or anyway, it happened.

	And even thought I don't know how
	I think about it even now;
	Things may come; things may go,
	What is to come I never know,
		But anyway, it happened.

	Never ask me what I mean,
	All I say is what I seen;
	Thought it seems to be a shame,
	Anyone can say the same
		Anyway, it happened.