Jackson Mac Low, a sampling of stanzas
from "Antic Quatrains"

derived from the computer print-out phrase of "A Vocabulary for Annie Brigitte Giles Tardos"
(written March 1980; published 1984)

Along a tarn a delator entangled a dragline,
Boasting o' tonnages, dogies, ants, and stones
As long as Lind balled Gandas near a gas log
As it late lit rigatoni and a tag line.

In Dis libidinal radians o' tigons
Deter no generals, no ordinaries,
No Adlerians tarring arteries' DNA,
Triliteral arsenal o' nitid groins.

Begone, senile Tiresias, raser o' tanneries!
Gastonia's grants-in-aid, sestertia to Liebig,
Are raising glissading sergeants' titillation
In lairs o' daisies, glarier and estranging.


Tilden's Iliad tabled alliteration
And a gainless Sartrian ass aired abattoirs
As tonsils' orneriness assigned Ortega
To distillations antedating Sade.