Jackson Mac Low, fluxus projects
from fluxworkbook

Tree Movie

Select a tree* Set up and focus a movie camera so that the tree fills most of the picture. Turn on the camera and leave it on without moving it for any number of hours. If the camera is about to run out of film, substitute a camera with fresh film. The two cameras may be altered in this way any number of times. Sound recording equipment may be turned on simultaneously with the movie cameras. Beginning at any point in the film, any length of it may be projected at a showing.
*for the word 'tree', one may substitute "mountain", sea", "flower", "lake", etc.
January 1961 The Bronx

A Word Event for George Brecht

A man utters any word, preferably one without expletive connotations. He then proceeds to analyze it, 1st, into its successive phonemes; 2nd, into a series of phonemes representable by its successive individual letters, whether or not this series coincides with the 1st series.

After repeating each of these series alternately a few times, he begins to permute the members of each series. After uttering various permutations of each series alternately several times, he utters phonemes from both series in random order, uttering them singly, combining them into syllables, repeating them &/or prolonging them ad libitum. He ends the event by pronouncing one of these phonemes very carefully.
4 November 1961 THE BRONX

3 Social Projects

Social Project 1

Find a way to end unemployment, or find a way for people to live without employment.
Make whichever one you find work.

Social project 2
Find a way to end war
Make it work.

Find a way to produce everything everybody needs,
And get it to them.
Make it work.


Piano Suite for David Tudor and John Cage
(any number of persons may participate in one or more or the movements)
1.....Carefully disassemble a piano. Do not break any parts or separate parts joined by gluing or welding (unless welding apparatus & experienced welder are available for the 2nd movement). All parts cut or cast or forged as one piece must remain as one piece.
2....Carefully reassemble the piano
3.....Tune the piano
4.....Play something

a simultaneity for the people
Any person in the room may begin the action by making any vocal utterance.
Other people may make utterances or be silent at any time after the beginning.
Utterances may be in any language or none. They may be [1] sentences, [2] clauses, [3] phrases, [4] phrase fragments, [5] groups of unrelated words, [6] single words [among which may be names of letters], [7] polysyllabic word fragments, [8] syllables, [9] phones [included or not within phonemes of any languages], [10] any other sounds produced in the mouth throat, or chest. Any utterance may be repeated any number of times or not at all. After a person makes an utterance and repeats it or not, s/he may make any utterance, repeat it or not, again become silent, etc. People may continue to make utterances or not until no one wants to make an utterance or until a predetermined time limit is reached.
All utterances are free in all respects. Nonvocal sounds may be produced and repeated or not in place of utterances. Anyone may submit an or all elements of this simultaneity to chance regulation by any method[s].
December 1960- February 1961