"my vituperative political style" - John Frederick Nims (1956)

[portion of a letter from John Frederick Nims to Henry Rago, the editor of Poetry magazine:]

South Bend, Indiana
Nov. 8, 1956

Dear Henry,

I suppose the news-stand sales of the November issue [of Poetry] will be very high.... So I thought I had better ask early if I could have quite a few copies--that is the one with the Florence poem in, isn't it?

We had a wonderful time the other evening--it was wonderful to have wine and pasta again. Like the hold days....

Want to see a specimen of my vituperative political style? See enclosed sonnet. Needless to say, this is NOT a submission; no need to return.

Frankie burst into tears Wednesday morning when he heard Stevenson lost. Bonnie's bringing him up right.



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