Paul Sharits filmography ("Fluxfilms")
draft compiled by Adam Jameson (

Paul Sharits filmography

Rapture (1987) 20 min, video

Figment I: Fluxglam Voyage in Search of the Real Maciunas (1977-1986) 175
min, video

Brancusiís Sculpture Ensemble at Tirgu Jiu (l977-84), two screens, 23 min,

Bad Burns (l982), 5 min, 16mm

3rd Degree (l982), 24 minutes, 16mm

Episodic Generation (l978), 30 minutes, 16mm

Declarative Mode (l976-77), two screens or a single screen, 40 minutes,

Tails (l976), 3 min, 16mm

Epileptic Seizure Comparison (1976) 16mm  film, color, sound, 34"

Dream Displacement (1976) 16mm, double screen, color, sound, 25 min

Analytical Studies IV: Blank Color Frames (l975-76), 15 min, 16mm

Analytical Studies II: Un-Frame-Lines (l97l-76), 30 min, 16mm

Analytical Studies I: The Film Frame (l971-76), 25 minutes, 16mm

Shutter Interface (1975) 32"30', two screen projection

Apparent Motion (l975), 30 minutes, 16mm

Analytical Studies III: Color Frame Passages (1973-4), 16mm, color, sound,
22 min

Color Sound Frames (l974), 26.5 minutes, 16mm

Synchronousoundtracks (1973-1974) 32"30', two screen projection

Axiomatic Granularity (1972-3) 16mm, color, sound, 20"

Inferential Current (1971) 8 min, 16mm

S:TREAM:S:S:ECTION:S:ECTION:S:S:ECTIONED (l968-7l), 42 minutes, 16mm

T, O, U, C, H, I, N, G, (1968), 16 mm, color, sound, 12" - Starring poet
David Franks, whose voice appears on the soundtrack. An uncutting and
unscratching mandala.

N.OT.H.I.N.G. (1968), 36 minutes, 16mm

Razor Blades (l965-68), two screens, 25 minutes

Piece Mandala/End War (l966), 5 minutes, 16mm

Word Movie (Fluxfilm 29) (Wrote Movie) (1966) 4 min, 16mm

Ray Gun Virus (l966), l4 minutes, 16mm

Wintercourse (l962), l2 minutes, 16mm

+ Unrolling Event, Dots 1 & 2, Sears Catalogue (mid-60s?)