Literature of the Holocaust
maintained by Al Filreis

Representations of the the Holocaust in Literature & Film
Instructor: Al Filreis
Teaching Assistant: Jamie-Lee Josselyn

fall 2009
English 261.401 Tuesday/Thursday 1:30-3 PM
Arts Cafe, Kelly Writers House

  • course description
  • reading & screening schedule [PDF]
  • position papers and listserv responses
  • course staff and office hours
  • books to buy
  • listserv


  • four clips from Shoah
  • Shoah scene list
  • Heinrich Boll, "Across the Bridge" [PDF]
  • Al Filreis discusses "Gold" in Levi's The Periodic Table (link to page with downloadable mp3 audio file)
  • Paul Celan readings (#1)
  • Paul Celan reading ("Black Flakes") (#2)
  • survivor testimonies via the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum
  • daugher of survivor finally hears her father's testimony
  • "Lessons in Hate"
  • Terrence Des Pres, "Lessons of the Holocaust" (PDF)
  • Pier Marton's Say I'm a Jew
  • former students discuss the course
  • Yale archive of video survivor testimonies' YouTube channel