Literature of the Holocaust
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The Holocaust: Problems of Representating the Experience of Genocide in Literature & Film

fall 2015
English 261.401 Tuesday/Thursday 3:00-4:20 PM
Arts Cafe, Kelly Writers House


We have a course listserv. The address is holocaust2015 [AT] writing [DOT] upenn [DOT] edu. Our course is a learning community, and everyone in this community should feel free to express themselves to the whole group even when we are not in class session. Write to the listserv any time to say anything you want about the material, your responses to it, your responses to class discussion, etc. Yet be respectful: (1) do not write at great length, (2) when responding to someone else, be sure to include at least that portion of the person's previous message to which you are responding, (3) build a dialogue--a real conversation, (4) be sensitive about topics or approaches that are best handled in person (in class).

Each member of our class is required to send to the listserv four, one-paragraph responses to the reading/viewing and/or class discussion. These responses can be informal but they should be coherent and specifically responsive. They should be sent before the start of class on the day of class discussing the relevant work. Students should not write listserv responses on days when they are handing in a position paper; rather, they should choose four other occasions.

Several students will be volunteering to read additional books relevant to our discussions, and will be sending short summaries of those works to the listserv as well.