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Oregon Citizen's Alliance Calls Gays Nazis

Date: Tue, 25 Oct 1994 11:43:00 CDT

Here are some recent statements by Scott Lively, membership director of the Oregon Citizen's Alliance, an organization that has initiated, among other things, the two anti-gay ballot measures in Oregon. One was defeated in 1992, and another is on this year's ballot. The organization has also branched out into other states under similar names. The following is a taken from an article that appeared in the Corvallis Gazette-Times on, October 20, 1994.

'In the past, the OCA has been compared with the Nazis in its campaigning methods and goals, so this time around, they are turning the tables by claiming that not they, but the gays are ones who should be compared to Nazis. In the state Voter's Pamphlet the organization says "Nazism was largely an outgrowth of Germany's gay rights movement."

'The GT article states: "Lively said in a letter to the editor in The Daily Astorian that homosexuals 'were an integral part of the Nazi party throughout history.'" (NB: because of this earlier statement, Lively has had to clarify what he meant. This article presents his "clarification.") The article goes on to say: "Lively said Wednesday that gays were in Nazi ranks but that does not mean they managed the Holocaust. 'The fact that homosexuals were in the leadership of the Nazi party from the beginning is a fact documented by respected historians,' he said. 'The holocaust was racial genocide of the Jews that had nothing to do with homosexuality."'

Earlier in the article, Lively is quoted as repeating his contention that homosexuals "had a large part to play" in the Nazi movement but said they did not mastermind the Holocaust. According to the article, Lively said he had studied the role of gays in the Nazi party, and he would "debate facts about homosexuality and the Nazi party with anyone, any time."

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