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  1. Tom Devaney's poem for me on my 50th birthday
  2. poem by Tom Devaney written for my 50th birthday
  3. Ben Filreis on Ben Franklin's 300th
  4. article in The Philadelphia Jewish Voice about KOL TZEDEK
  5. Freddy Wexler's pop music site
  6. Kol Tzedek in Philadelphia Inquirer
  7. John Timpane's review of Lorine Niedecker's Collected Works
  8. Is the name Portuguese?
  9. Ray Kurzweil's CYBERNETIC POET
  10. PRAISE for my Stevens & the Actual World
  11. SUDAN links
  12. Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., "Not Right, Not Left, But a VITAL CENTER" (1948)
  13. an UNCOOPERATIVE witness before a 1952 anticommunist congressional hearing
  14. CHOICE reviews my 1950s web site
  15. SONTAG on documentary imagery of war
  16. ad for FORSTMANN wool, 1951
  17. article about PENN'S PILOT CURRICULUM
  18. FALL-OUT SHELTERS: disaster anxieties in the 1950s as compared with 2001
  19. Filreis on TIME
  20. Steve Reich's DIFFERENT TRAINS (1988)
  21. GREENGLASS says he lied in Rosenberg case
  22. November HARVEST in warm Philadelphia
  23. Filreis featured in PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER magazine
  24. ROBERT FROST in Newsweek, 1956
  25. JUNE JORDAN at the Writers House
  26. HYPERTEXT in the Inky, May 2001
  27. David SEDARIS at the Writers House
  28. IBM and the Holocaust
  29. JOAN RETALLACK - a reading from her poetry and a discussion of relations between innovative poetry and experimental teaching - recording of a program webcast Wednesday, February 28, 2001, at the Kelly Writers House
  30. Gwendolyn BROOKS dies (December 2000)
  31. "Sylvia PLATH Forever an Icon" (New York Times, November 9, 2000)
  32. WRITERS HOUSE article in "philly2nite" site
  33. William Sidney Mount's 1847 painting, THE POWER OF MUSIC
  34. Chronicle of Higher Education article on THE ELECTRONIC POETRY CENTER
  35. Samuel Johnson on THE LECTURE
  36. ROCKER pathologized
  37. E-SEMINAR FOR PREMATRICULANTS commended as a model
  39. WEBCAST on "To Elsie" available in RealVideo format
  40. E-seminar for newly admitted Penn students described by the New York TIMES
  41. Taking a Holocaust SKEPTIC seriously (on David Irving)
  42. My SIXTY-SECOND lecture, TEXT and RealVIDEO
  43. POPE in Poland talks about Christianizing the holocaust
  44. Try my hand at POEMS
  45. Nate Chinen on WRITERS HOUSE alumni writers in Gazette
  46. My poem on institutions--part of a Writers House symposium on the future of institutions.
  47. Nixon's CHECKERS speech
  48. my fall 1999 VIDEOCONFERENCING COURSE videoconferencing course on modern American poetry
  49. prematriculants join electronic seminar
  50. Wallace STEVENS obituary, 1955
  51. MIRO ON SPAIN--review of new MOMA exhibit
  52. Writers House CELEBRATES Pennsylvania Prof of the Year
  53. Margaret WALKER dies
  54. Woody GUTHRIE museum
  55. Penn's MORTGAGE PLAN--article in Philadelphia Business Journal
  56. interview with Alan Wald about the RADICAL NOVEL reconsidered series
  57. NEW YORK TIMES story mentions Filreis
  58. "Notes toward a Culture of Writing" (Almanac, January 20, 1997)
  59. DP article about the top ten classes at Penn, including English 88
  60. Is it effective to support computers BY EMAIL and phone?
  61. "Professors Put Course Materials on the Internet," By Jeffrey R. Young (The Chronicle of Higher Education, November 3, 1995, Page: A27.) Professors Put Course Materials on the Internet By Jeffrey R. Young
  62. "Radical Nerds"
  63. When the Alma Mater Ends With '.Edu'
  64. South Koreans have been forbidden to make contact with North Koreans via the Internet
  65. Neil L. Rudenstine speech on the Internet, May 29, 1996: " [T]here is in fact a very close fit--a critical interlock--between the structures and processes of the Internet, and the main structures and processes of university teaching and learning."
  66. DP story about the poetry course I taught for Penn alumni via listserv
  67. This is NOT what to do with information technology at universities.
  68. Major cavaets: Using Information Technology to Enhance Academic Productivity, by William F. Massy and Robert Zemsky
  69. My essay on frets about the death of the book.
  70. McNamara on the legacy of the red-baiting of the "China hands" in the making of Vietnam policy - from In Retrospect (1995): "[I]ll-founded judgments were accepted without debate by the Kennedy Administration, as they had been by its Democratic and Republic predecessors. We failed to analyze our assumptions critically, then or later."
  71. Affirmative action no matter how you look at it.
  72. Students draw a blank when asked about July 4th.
  73. What's not wrong: the University of Arizona is doing amazing things with electronic media to help students figure out where they are in their academic degree programs. Take a look!
  74. Our web photo album.
  75. For many years I was associated with the Frost Valley YMCA.
  76. We've enjoyed vacationing at Long Beach Island.
  77. Asperger's Syndrome
  78. I'm pleased to have found Bob Dylan's 115th Dream, with lots information about Blonde on Blonde, a fine album (sometimes Springsteen hits the mark too). Joe remembers TV's strangest two minutes - Dylan accepting a lifetime achievement award.
  79. My son Ben was born at home with help from midwives.
  80. QUIRKS and oddities may be mild forms of psychiatric illness.


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