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Al Filreis - c.v.

Al Filreis
Kelly Professor of English
Faculty Director, the Kelly Writers House
Director, the Center for Programs in Contemporary Writing

3805 Locust Walk
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6150
phone: (215) 573-9749; FAX: (215) 573-9750
electronic mail: afilreis[at]writing[dot]upenn[dot]edu


1978-1985 M.A., Ph.D., University of Virginia
1974-1978 B.A., Colgate University


Kelly Professor (2002-present)
Director, Center for Programs in Contemporary Writing (2003-present)
Co-Director, PennSound (2003-present)
Publisher, Jacket2 (2010-present)
Faculty Director, Kelly Writers House (1995-present)


Chairman, WXPN-FM Policy Board, 1999-2004
The Class of 1942 Professor of English, 1999-2002
Undergraduate Chairman, 1993-1996
Faculty Director, Arts & Sciences Segment of the Advanced Management Program, 2000-2005
Director, The Writing Program, 1996-98
Chair, Residential Faculty Council, 1996-98
Faculty Master, Van Pelt College House, 1995-98
Associate Professor of English, 1991-1995
Esther K. & N. Mark Watkins Assistant Professor in the Humanities, 1988-91
Assistant Professor of English, 1985-88


  1. Counter-revolution of the Word: The Conservative Attack on Modern Poetry, 1945-60 (University of North Carolina Press, 2008). (Sample review: PDF.)

  2. Modernism from Right to Left: Wallace Stevens, the Thirties, & Literary Radicalism (Cambridge University Press, July 1994), 365 pp. (This book was widely reviewed--by, among others, Paul Giles and Michael Coyle.)
    From jacket copy: "A masterpiece of brilliant research and fresh analysis, Modernism from Right to Left is also a compelling conceptual breakthrough launching the study of mid-20th century U.S. poetry on an entirely new course. In a hitherto unprecedented synthesis, Filreis reinscribes a major canonical figure in the context of a 1930s leftwing poetry renaissance that has been largely obscured, ignored, and caricatured. He thus returns to history the contributions of many previously "lost" writers, as well as reconfigures the terrain of vital politico- cultural debates that nurtured, stimulated and troubled the mind and imagination of Wallace Stevens."--Alan Wald, University of Michigan

  3. Wallace Stevens and the Actual World (Princeton University Press, 1991), 350 pp.

  4. Tucker's People, by Ira Wolfert (first pub. 1943), University of Illinois series, "The Radical Novel in the U.S. Reconsidered" (1997). (The novel was republished as The Underworld in 1950.)

  5. Secretaries of the Moon: The Letters of Wallace Stevens and Jose Rodriguez Feo, with Beverly Coyle (Durham: Duke University Press, 1986).


Selection of essays published in Jacket2 in 2011-12: "To Keep You from Going: Notes toward a Definition of Modernism," April 21, 2012. "1974 Larry Eigner Recordings," March 23, 2012. "Know What Is Happening in Your Heart: Robert Penn Warren's Racism," February 10, 2012. "Learning, Not Teaching," February 3, 2012. "Gil Ott and Charles Alexander after 9/11," January 29, 2012. "Experiment is Exhausted and So It's Time to Interpret Rather than Explore: Louise Bogan's Cold War Anti-Modernism," January 9, 2012. "Return to the Tapeworm Factory: The Conceptualism of Darren Wershler-Henry," December 18, 2011. "Mere Alphabetic Adjacency: David Buun's Card Catalogue Art," November 23, 2011. "When the Right Thought of Itself as Poetry & the Left as Prose," November 2, 2011.

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"Believing in the World Because It Is Impossible" [on George Oppen], Jacket 36 (late fall 2008) [ LINK ]

"Sounds at an Impasse," Wallace Stevens Journal, special sound issue edited by Natalie Gerber, Spring 2009, pp. 16-23. [PDF; Scholarly Commons link]

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1. 1950s/cold-war culture
2. modern & contemporary American poetry & poetics
3. holocaust
4. PENNsound (with Charles Bernstein)
5. Jacket2 commentary [link]


1. PENNsound podcasts
2. Kelly Writers House podcasts
3. PoemTalk


1. Jacket2 commentary
2. Al Filreis
3. 1960


  • Interview with E. L. Doctorow (March 2005)
  • Interview with Richard Sieburth on recordings of Ezra Pound (May 22, 2007)
  • Interview with Joan Retallack, on relations between innovative poetry and experimental teaching (February 28, 2001).
  • Interview with Tony Kushner (February 12, 2001).
  • "Wideman on Campus," interview with John Edgar Wideman conducted by Alan Filreis and Lorene Cary, April 24, 2000, The Pennsylvania Gazette, July 2000.
  • Interview with Robert Creeley (April 11, 2000).
  • Interview with Grace Paley (February 15, 2000).
  • "A Conversation with Howard Fast, March 23, 1994, Conducted by Alan Wald and Alan Filreis," Prospects: An Annual of American Culture Studies, vol. 20 (1996), pp. 511-23; re-published in Contemporary Literarary Criticism 131 (Summer 2000).
  • Interview with Edwin Torres (December 11, 1999).
  • "An Interview with Stanley Burnshaw," with Harvey Teres, Wallace Stevens Journal 13, 2 (Fall 1989), 109-26. [text]


  • "The End of the Lecture as We Know It", June 9, 1999 (including text and RealVideo format)
  • Citation/links in the "Reinventing Education" project, West Virginia Department of Education, non-profit program for creating internet-based lesson plans in English, science, math, and social studies (reinvent.k12.wv.us)
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  • The Best of the Net Award for "The American 1950s" web site, March 1998
  • Choice magazine review of 1950s web site
  • Links2go Award given to Holocaust literature web site, July 1998
  • "Fast Forward The Digital Future of Higher Education", Higher Education, Autumn 1997
  • Advisor to the nonprofit "Close Up Foundation," a nonpartisan civic education organization


  • "Al Filreis on William Carlos Williams's 'At the Ball Game,'" Poetry Society of America, "Crossroads"/Poem Spotlight [link]
  • "Seminar," in Selected Essays about a Bibliography: Seven Controlled Vocabularies and Obituary 2004, ed. Tan Lin (Edit Publications, 2010). [PDF]
  • "Mending the Break in Time", exhibit catalogue of the Rosenbach Museum and Library project, which opened November 11, 2001, entitled "Finding the Words: Responses to crisis from the Marianne Moore papers & Philadelphia poets." The essay was first read at the "Finding the Words" event at the Kelly Writers House, November 7, 2001. LINK
  • "Monologue on Silence," February 15, 1997, Live at the Writers House on WXPN-FM


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    A series of related talks on the politics of writing and the university at the University of Michigan co-sponsored by the College of Literature, Science & Art, the MFA Program of the English Depaetmwnt, the Sweetland Wroting Center, and the Alice Lloyd Hall Scholars Program, October 6, 2005.

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    "Poetry, Community and the Academy: Clearing a Space," paper given at "Poetry Communities & the Individual Talent" conference, April 12, 2012 (paper to be published later).

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    "Text & University: Working against Conventions of Reading & Listening" International Association of Word and Image Studies: Elective Affinities conference, September 23-27, 2005, for a panel entitled "VVV-on-line: Verbal-Visual-Vocal Poetries in Hyperspace."

    MLA conference, in December 2004, organized, chaired and participated in a panel on "Stevens in Contemporary Poetics" with Susan Howe, Charles Bernstein, and Peter Gizzi.

    Keynote speaker, "New Media Poetry: Aesthetics, Institutions, and Audiences" conference sponsored by The International Writing Program, the English Department, and the Project on Rhetoric of Inquiry of the University of Iowa, October 10-13, 2002: "On the Institutionalization of E-Poetries"

    Session chair, featuring Susan Suleiman, Norman Kleeblatt and Charles Dellheim, entitled "Holocaust: Art, Memory and History" at the "Modern Jewry at the Arts" conference, Center for Judaic Studies, University of Pennsylvania, April 30, 2001

    "The Modernists are Coming! The Modernists are Coming!" in a panel (with Ron Silliman) entitled "Modernism in the 50s," Modernist Studies Association, New Modernisms II, October 12, 2000

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    "'Is Lunar Habana the Cuba of the Self?': Jose Rodriguez-Feo and Wallace Stevens," Modern Language Association, December 1984


    Higher Education in the Information Age, invited participant and subject (June 2-3, 1997)


    named the Class of 1942 Professor, 1999
    Carnegie/CASE Pennsylvania Professor of the Year, 1998-99
    The Edmund J. and Louise W. Kahn Award for Faculty Excellence, 1996
    Ira Abrams Award for Distinguished Teaching, 1995
    Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching, 1992
    Esther K. & N. Mark Watkins Humanities Chair, 1988


    • for "Poetry Off the Shelf," April 2009, by Curtis Fox, "Telephony Is So Retro It's Cool" (MP3)
    • for the syndicated NPR program The Best of Our Knowledge, recorded on February 22, 2001, originating from WAMC 90.3 FM, Albany (a recording is available here in MP3 format)


    FELLOWSHIPS & GRANTS (selected):

    For 2004-2007: William Penn Foundation grant to support fund-raising for the Kelly Writers House

    For 2001-2002 - University of Pennsylvania Distributed Learning Venture Fund

    For 1999-2000 - University of Pennsylvania Research Foundation Grant, "Anticommunism and Poetry"

    For 1998-2001 - Andrew W. Mellon Foundation grant ($448,000), Collaborative Writing Groups, "Cost Effective Teaching with Technology" category

    For 1996-97 - University of Pennsylvania Research Foundation Grant, "The Literature and Culture2 of the Cold War, 1945-60"

    For 1995-96 - the year's recipient of the Edmund J. & Louise W. Kahn Fund for Faculty Excellence (School of Arts & Sciences)

    For 1995-96 - Center for Community Partnerships Program Grant, "Teaching the Holocaust as a Model for High School-University Partnerships"

    For 1994-95 - Pew Charitable Trusts Grant for instituting the English department's new communications network and integrating electronic and traditional pedagogies and curricula

    For 1993 - NEH "Travel to Collections" grant, to travel for two weeks to Stanford University for work in the archives of the Hoover Institute

    For 1991 - University of Pennsylvania Research Foundation Grant to travel for two weeks to the unpublished George Oppen papers in the New Poetry Archives, University of California at San Diego

    For 1990 - Huntington-Mellon Grant, for two months' work at the Henry E. Huntington Library;

    Prior to 1990:

    Research Grant, Esther K. & N. Mark Watkin's Chair
    Educational Development Fund (course development)
    Threshold Grant (academic computing)
    A.C.L.S. Research Fellowship (declined)
    NEH Research Fellowship (full year, 1987-88)
    A.C.L.S. Grant-in-Aid (archival research)
    Huntington Library Fellowship (1986)


    The Penn-Edison Partnership (a tutoring program involving Penn English faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate majors at the Edison-Fareira High School in North Philadelphia)


    Current (selected):

    • Director, the Center for Programs in Contemporary Writing (2003-present) [ LINK ]
    • Faculty Director, The Kelly Writers House (1995-present)
    • Member, School of Liberal and Professional Studies Executive Committee, 2010-present.
    • Chairman of the Policy Board, WXPN-FM, 1999-2006
    • Member, Provost's Council on Arts and Culture, 2000-present
    • Member, Committee on Open Access, 2009-10
    • Member, Provost's Committee on the Continuum of Education, 2002-03
    • Member, Committee on Graduate Education: Preparation for Teaching, 2002-03
    • Member, Board of Trustees for the new KIPP Collegiate Charter School in West Philadelphia (2003-2006)
    • Member, Chaim Potok Literary Award Selection Committee, Jewish Community Centers of Greater Philadephia, 2003-2004
    • Member, College of Arts & Sciences Admissions Committee, 2001-2007
    • Faculty Liaison, Trustee Committee on Student Life, 2001-03, 2006-present
    • Member, Univerity Council Committee on Communications, 2001-02, 2009-present
    • Chairman, Continuum of Education Committee, Stategic Planning for the University, 2001-02; member, Strategic Planning Steering Group
    • Member, Provost's Advisory Board for Computing, Committee on Distance Learning, 1999-2000
    • Member, Provostial Search Committee for Director of the Institute of Contemporary Art, 2011-12
    • Memeber, Museum Faculty Advisory Board, 2011-present
    • Member, Provostial Search Committee for Director of Graduate Center, 2001
    • Member, SAS Committee on Distributed Learning, 1998-2000
    • Member, SAS Committee on Learning and Technology, two-year term, 2000-2003
    • Member, Committee for Campus Development ("Student, Faculty, Administrative Life; Neighborhood & Community Life")
    • Member, Advisory Board on Security & Safety, 1999-2001
    • Faculty Director, The Writing Program (July 1996-July 1998)
    • Chair, Residential Faculty Council, 1996-98
    • Member, Jewish Studies Faculty, 1991-
    • Member, Graduate Group in American Civilization (term July 1998-July 2003)
    • Member, Residential Communities Planning Group (1997-98)
    • Member, Residential Operations Board (1997- )
    • Undergraduate Chairman, English department, Sept. 1993-July 1996
    • Chairman, Provost's Classroom Facilities Review Committee (1993-1998)
    • Member, Residential Communities Planning Group (charged by President, Provost, and EVP), 1997-98
    • Member, University of Pennsylvania Alumni Society (UPAS) Communications Committee (overseeing the Pennsylvania Gazette), 1997-
    • Member, WXPN (radio) Policy Board
    • Member, Research Foundation Humanities Review panel, 1996-97
    • Member, Collegiate Planning Board (21st Century Project), 1995-96
    • Member, Design Team, Restructuring Computing at Penn, 1995-96 (and co-leader, Communications Committee); Steering Committee, 1996-97; founder and creator of Penn's residential computing support project
    • Member, Residential Faculty Council, 1995-96
    • Member, Faculty Senate Communications Committee (through May 1997)
    • Member, College of Arts & Sciences Writing Committee
    • Member, Committee on Undergraduate Education (CUE) 1993-95
    • Member, Information & Computing Services Faculty Advisory Committee
    • Member, ISC/DCCS Campus Wide Information Services Committee
    • Member, American Civilization Executive Committee (1995-96)
    • Member, SAS Academic Computing Advisory Committee
    • Member, Pre-Freshman Program Faculty Executive Committee
    • Member, Committee on Study Abroad
    • Member, College of General Studies Executive Committee (1994-96)
    • Member, Electoral Board, Executive Committee of Phi Beta Kappa, 1989-92, 95-97
    • Faculty Liaison to the Trustee Committee on Facilities & Campus Planning (selected by Senate Executive Committee)
    • Member, Univ. Council Committee on Facilities, 1994-96
    • Member, Senate Committee on Conduct (until April 1995)
    • Member, American Civilization & Comp Lit Grad Groups
    • Advisor to American Civilization Graduate Students
    • Judge, College of Arts & Sciences/College Alumni Society Undergraduate Research Awards (1994-95)

    Past (selected):

    Member, University Committee on Classroom Facilities, 1991-92
    Departmental Committee to Review the Undergraduate Major, 1991-92
    Departmental Library Committee, 1991-present
    Departmental Executive Committee, elected to two- year term, 1988-90
    Departmental Senior Search Committee, 1988-89
    Departmental Junior Search Committees, 1987-88, 1988-89
    Departmental Committee on the New Distributionals, Summer 1986
    Faculty Freshman Advisor for the College, 1988-present
    Elected Member, Executive Committee of Faculty Senate (1991-93 term)
    Member, Van Pelt Library Special Collections Advisory Committee
    Faculty Supervisor, restructuring the English component for the Summer "Pre-Freshman" Program, 1991
    Lecturer in "Pre-Freshman" Program, 1992-94
    Advisor to Philadelphia public school teacher studying American fiction as a "1988 Philadelphia Fellow for Independent Study in the Humanities" under the U. S. Council for Basic Education
    Faculty Fellow in residence, Van Pelt College House, 1991-92
    Adjunct Faculty Fellow, Stouffer House, 1985- present
    Founding Teacher/Scholar, Innovative Study in Teaching and the Humanities (ISTAH), a program designed to "support and develop communication and collaboration between secondary school teachers at urban high schools and scholars at Penn"
    Judge, Phi Beta Kappa Essay Prize, 1991
    Reviewer of fellowship applications for Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Program, 1988
    Reviewer of Mellon Fellowship applications, Humanities Coordinating Committee, 1987, 1989, 1994
    Reviewer, NEH Summer Seminars at Penn, 1991, 1994

    ACADEMIC SERVICE (professional)

  • Member of the Board of Spoken-Web 2.0 Digital Humanities Project, Concordia University (Canada).
  • Appointed by Mayor Nutter to serve as member of 4-person committee to create Phialdelphia Poet Laureateship and then to appoint the first recipient, 2011-12.
  • Member of the Board, The Chinese/American Association for Poetry and Poetics (CAAP) (hosted by Center for Programs in Contemporary Writing) in partnership with Wuhan University), 2008-
  • Member, review panel evaluating funding proposals for the NEH (October 2002)
  • Member, editorial board for MAPS, the American literature web site sponsored by Cary Nelson and the University of Illinois and Anthology of Modern American Poetry, Cary Nelson, editor (Oxford University Press, 2000), 1247 p.
  • Member, Academic Advisory Board, New Forum Publishers and Beyond Books
  • Member, Advisory Board, IMEJ of Computer-Enhanced Learning, a quarterly journal (ed. Jennifer Burg, Chair of the Department of Computer Science, Wake Forest University)
  • Advisor to development of new web site for teaching modernism hosted jointly by Modernism/Modernity and the Modernist Studies Association
  • Member, Abraham Lincoln Brigrade Archives (ALBA)
  • Member, Historians of American Communism (HOAC)
  • Founding participant, "Penn Advance: with Sylvan Academy and Caliber" program in distributed learning
  • Member, Nominating Committee for the Board of Directors, Parent-Infant Center (PIC), West Philadelphia (Spring 2000)
  • Advisor, PBS/WGBH-TV Frontline secondary and higher education outreach through technology program (Fall 1998)
  • Member, Advisory Board, Pennsylvania Humanities Council's six-part program, "American Memories/American Visions: The 1950s," 1997-98
  • Advisor, Pennsylvania Humanities Council's "Technology, Communications, and Community" Project, 1996-98
  • Advisor, "Women Who Resisted," a documentary on women who resisted Nazism during the Holocaust, to be made for broadcast and in the classroom
  • Member, Editorial Board, Review
  • Member, Editorial Board, Other Voices: The (e)Journal of Cultural Criticism
  • Member, Editorial Board, The Wallace Stevens Journal
  • Advisory editor, second edition of the Heath Anthology of American Literature, modern American literature section (1992)
  • Chair, Wallace Stevens Society allied- organization session, Modern Language Association convention, December 1988 (the papers presented here became the basis of a special "Stevens and Politics" issue of the Wallace Stevens Journal [see Stanley Burnshaw, "Reflections on Wallace Stevens," Wallace Stevens Journal 13, 2 {Fall 1989}, 126n1])
  • Member, American Association of University Professors
  • Member, committee to plan Fall 2000 "Modernisms II" conference of the Modernist Studies Association conference
  • Member, Editorial Advisory Board, CrossConnect. My involvement is described in Tom Harper's 'CYBERSPACE LITERATI CHALLENGE "BIG DOGS"' (CrossConnect, 2, 1 (1996).
  • Reviewer for articles submitted to American Literary History, The Huntington Library Quarterly, South Central Review, American Quarterly, PMLA, The Wallace Stevens Journal, and the Journal of the American Medical Association (see JAMA Mar. 12, 1997, 841)
  • Reviewer of book manuscripts for the University of Pennsylvania, Southern Illinois University, University of Illinois, University of Mississippi, University of South Carolina, Susquehanna University, Cambridge University, Duke University and Princeton University Presses
  • Reviewer, proposal to Polity Press series for a textbook covering 20th-century literature (summer 2000)
  • Reviewer, proposal submitted to the Editions category of the "Texts Program," National Endowment for the Humanities, July 1991
    Outside reviewer for City University of New York, Committee on Research Awards, December 1989
  • Outside evaluator for academic promotions (including tenure review) at Marquette University, University of Cincinnati, Princeton University, St. Olaf College, Syracuse University, Temple University, the University of Michigan, M.I.T., University of Iowa, University of Hawaii, and more

    TALKS and SESSIONS at Penn (a small selection [see an additional list of early programs]):

  • Talk on isolation: "Emily Dickinson's society," February 2012 [video recording]
  • Poetry seminar for high-school students, April/May 2009 [ LINK ]
  • "Collecting the Unconscious" conference sponsored by the Graduate Humanities Forum, faculty respondent to a panel on early American literature, March 3, 2005.
  • "How You Say What You Say: Rhetoric and Form," Fox Leadership Program, February 25, 2003;
  • "The Holocaust and Human Behavior," Hill College House, January 25, 2001;
  • "Ezra Pound at the University of Pennsylvania," Ware College House, October 28, 2000
  • "Teaching and graduate professionalization," Career Services Forum, September 20, 2000
  • "Telling it 'well' in the medium: video testimonies of Holocaust survivors", Penn Humanities Forum, March 22, 2000 - part of PHF's symposia on human nature
  • "Protest and Civic Disobediance in the Literary, Performance and Visual Arts," Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorative Celebration & Symposium on Social Change, January 26, 2000
  • webcast series on modern & contemporary American poetry (Fall 1999)
  • webcast symposium on William Carlos Williams with Bob Perelman, Kristen Gallagher, and Shawn Walker (July 8, 1999)
  • "The End of the Lecture as We Know It," part of the "60-Second Lecture" series, Summer 1999
  • "The Good Fight," September 15, 1998, presentation of documentary on the Spanish Civil War, Writers House
  • "Holocaust Survivor Testimonies," March 26, 1998, Penn "Jewish Renaissance Project" preceptorial
  • "Serving Penn's People: Some Glimpses of the Future," lecture before the Benjamin Franklin Society, Penn Club, April 1, 1997
  • "The Teacher with the Blue Guitar: Disagreement at the Undergraduate Experience at Penn," Philomathean Society, March 3, 1997
  • "Educating in the Information Age" 1996 ALUMNI WEEKEND, School of Engineering and Applied Science, May 17, 1996
  • "World War II Books: Schindler's List," Penn Club, October 21, 1995
  • "The Internet & Universities", November 1995.
  • Moderator, CUE Colloquy, "How Important Is Teaching at Penn?" April 13, 1994
  • "Should the DP have published the Holocaust 'revisionists'?" April 5, 1992, Van Pelt House
  • "The Persian Gulf War--A Discussion," February 26, 1991, sponsored by Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority
  • "Yes, But Is It Art?--Experimental Poetry & the 'Limits of Taste,'" discussion, September 25, 1990, Stouffer College House
  • "Academic Freedom & the 'New Racism,'" with Peter Stallybrass, April 4, 1989 (at Stouffer House), April 11, 1989 (at Van Pelt College House)
  • "Is There a Classroom Politics?" invited talk, PARSS Graduate Workshop, "Scholarship and Society: Teaching, Research and Social Change," January 27, 1989
  • "The Problems of Vietnam Testimony," American Civilization colloqium, October 25, 1988
  • "Professional Ethics," a discussion led with Mary Johnson, Facing History Foundation, sponsored by College House Programs, Ware College House, April 29, 1987
  • "Are Your Teachers Teaching You 'the Truth'?" a talk, Stouffer House, February 13, 1986


    "Representations of the Holocaust in Literature and Film", part of the College of Arts & Sciences "pilot curriulum," co-taught with Millicent Marcus of Italian Studies, Fall 2000, 2001, 2002.
    "Modern & Contemporary American Poetry" as an online course, part of the PennAdvance project (Fall 1999 & Summer 2000)
    graduate seminar on modern and contemporary American poetry (four times)
    "The History of the Novel"
    Graduate Instructors' Apprentice Seminar, English 800 (twice)
    "The Art of Fiction" (writing seminar)
    "Literature & Society," (writing seminar)
    "Wallace Stevens & Other Americans" (graduate seminar)
    "Modern American Poetry: Whitman, Dickinson, Stevens, Williams"
    "Modern & Contemporary American Poetry" -- given many times
    "The American 1920s"
    "The American 1950s"--given 4 times as a graduate and undergraduate seminar
    "The American 1890s: Naturalism"
    "The American Political Novel"
    "Short Fiction"--given twice
    "The Literature of the Holocaust" -- given many times
    "Group Independent Study: Postmodernism across the Disciplines"
    "Group Independent Study: Lit. & Propaganda Theory"
    "Group Independent Study: The Idea of the University"
    The Culture of American Anti-Communism--graduate seminar
    "Group Independent Study: Writing, Editing, Printing, Publishing, and the Writing Community"


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