Monday, August 26, 2013

John Ashbery:
Gravy for the Prisoners
Vsevolod Nekrasov:
What poetry has to do with language
Amaranth Borsuk:
The conceptual artist’s book
Narrative in the visual poetry of
Satu Kaikkonen
Barrett Watten:
In memory of Raymond Henry Watten
Samuel Amadon’s
The Pennsylvania Station Sequence
Aldon Nielsen:
My beef with
Kevin Young
Talking with – and without – Bhanu Kapil

John Latta on Sal Mimeo
Weasel words on gender from NYRB
Audio books before audio books
NY Times obit of Elmore Leonard
An obit from Aljazeera
Leonard’s rules for writers
Son to finish Leonard’s last book
Outsourcing biography
When you tell them
you’re a poet
Many good reviews by Grace Cavalieri
(esp. of Doug Lang)
The principle of inclusion & exclusion
Amy King to Marjorie Perloff
on this very topic
Smithsonian exhibition
based on a poem by
Carlos Bulosan
It’s not over
Barnes & Noble
Kenneth Koch’s work in theater
Koch hasn’t stopped teaching
just because he’s dead
Talking with Margaret Atwood
Philip Lamantia:
Blue Grace
Bernstein’s Kandinsky
Many a great writer
has a
great critic
Syllabi to live by
Tongues & the philosophy of language
Nous twitterons:
the prolix French
in a 140-keystroke world
What keeps typewriters alive?
The top 200 advocates for American poetry
according to Seth Abramson
A skeptical view of Abramson’s list
23 more people
who made me care about poetry
in 2013
Talking with Ishmael Reed
Academic poaching in Pittsburgh
Great poets, muddled editing:
15-year-old anthology
becomes $15 PDF
Against Expression:
just as problematic
but free online
Editing Bukowski
Spinster, victim, soldier, spy:
Dick Francis & the evolution
of female characters in crime fiction
Allen Ginsberg
on Kerouac & Kesey & Cassady
On the Road

page by page
Ann Hostetler:
Some New Voices in Mennonite Poetry
Talking with Thomas Keneally
Albert Murray has died
Commercial poetry:
the ten most influential people
(8 of whom are men)
Twitter threats probe suspect bailed
China busts web users
over the politics of their posts
UK feds attack Guardian offices
to destroy Snowden files
Jorge Volpi
on the new
Campaign to buy back Austen’s ring
from Kelly Clarkson
gets underway
Remembering Roethke in Michigan
What does literally literally mean?
With the poetry of math,
writer’s block adds up
2 novels from South America
Reviewing Rakoff in tub-thumping rhyme
Joshua Edwards’ Imperial Nostalgias
A rave non-review of Mary Ruefle’s
Madness, Rack, and Honey
Salinger @ war
Salinger’s next 5 books
Habitat for Humanity
to rescue
Updike’s house
The safe prose of Mo Yan
Selling poems on Craigslist
Charlie Simic:
what we lose when we lose
used bookstores
Simic’s New & Selected Poems
Talking with David Bottoms
Ten ‘forgotten classics’ you need to read
The Joyce Kilmer Society of Mahwah
Xerox patch to fix creative math
A postcard from Marcel
Damien Hirst:
when art becomes Science
Rauschenberg friends
sue for $60M
Barry Schwabsky:
Degas’ method
2 photographers
What the funny papers thought
about the
Armory Show
100 years ago
Picasso murals
on doomed buildings
Braille street art
Catherine Murphy:
contemporary realism
Less than minimalism
Kid Hazo’s street signs
Before there was Cindy Sherman,
there was Julia Margaret Cameron
Against performance
(in Spanish)
Anatomy of an art appraisal
The 73-year-old Chinese immigrant
$80M in art forgeries
Berlin’s old masters
stay put
NYC subway art
rises from the dead
Thurston’s got a brand new band:
Chelsea Light Moving
Cedar Walton has died
17,400 of Alan Lomax’ audio files
Cloning John Lennon
Vinh Bao
& the music of Vietnam
Ode to Joy
on 167 theremins
disguised as matryoshka dolls
Svetlana Lunkina
joins National Ballet of Canada
Stuart Klawans
on 3 films about class
Mark Kermode
takes over as
film critic at the Observer
Gary Younge
close-reads King’s speech
Joshua Clover:
Chomsky vs. Žižek
Time for Europe
stop being the last colony
The 2 Americas of Chelsea Manning