Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Holly Pester:
Visual Poetics & a Play on Shortness
Talking with Stacy Szymaszek
Heriberto Yépez:
introduction to a
Jerome Rothenberg reader
Pattie McCarthy:
Heir Apparent
Talking with Robert Polito

Irish Times:
tributes to Seamus Heaney
RTE News obit
Bill Clinton mourns his friend
Heaney texted his last words
Robert Pinsky on Heaney
Heaney wasn’t that good, folks
Heaney mourned with poetry, pain
Paul Muldoon on Heaney
The Telegraph:
Heaney’s 10 best poems
The Mud Vision
Colum McCann:
Heaney brought us together
The BBC obit
An organicist defense of Heaney
(complete with photo of Seamus up a tree!)
Heaney’s ‘spiritual buoyancy’
‘What Seamus taught me’
Heaney’s funeral
USA Today obit
Archambeau elegizes Heaney
Robert Peake:
Seamus Heaney’s Wild Lyric
Talking with Michael Leong
Ten posts on Caryl Pagel
Talking with Tan Lin
Al-Mutanabbi Street exhibit photos
from exhibitions in NYC
Apps for poets
Georges Perec:
The Nouveau Roman & the Refusal of the Real
Alberto Ríos
is Arizona’s first laureate
Thomas Fink continues his conversation
Jill Magi
Women poets rage over rape
Gina Myers & Amber Nelson
interview one another
Chinua Achebe as poet
Jim Murdoch:
Silence in the writing
Guillevic & Beckett
Talking with Brenda Coultas
Borges, politics & the post-colonial
Borges’ Labyrinths
The most beautiful bookstore in the world
Anne Waldman,
live at the Laughing Goat
(Ambrose Bye on the keys)
Bukowski in the French Quarter
Rowling’s success
demonstrates the long odds for authors
The 5 new books
in the new
Salinger bio
Remembering James Purdy
Talking with Barney Rosset
Criticism was a serious business
Tom Clark:
At Matanaka Farm
Don’t write what you know
Talking with Tom Chivers
about Penned in the Margins
Scientific breakthroughs
killed sci-fi sub-genres
Norman Rush’s next novel
B&N makes nice-nice
with Simon & Shoestore
Amazon book exec
charged with sexual assault
Amazon’s quest for
total retail domination
Judge to tread lightly
on Apple’s biz practices
E-book prices are dropping
In Australia,
Labor offers $12M
to aid publishing industry
Madeline Kripke
has 20,000 dictionaries
Returning the library book
33 years late
(on Eliot no less)
Joshua Clover & Keston Sutherland:
Poetry & revolution
The pleasure of quiet books
Ugly Duckling’s huge archive
of online accessible books
Robert Graves’ Selected Poems
This year’s James Tait Black prizes
No author earns more than
EL James
Dylan Thomas + vispo =
The Doors
Talking in tongues
is in decline
In search of
hardest language
Elizabeth Cohen’s
The Hypothetical Girl
is an Oprah book of the week
Morgan Lucas Schuldt:
Wendell Berry
wins Dayton Peace Prize
Jack London:
South of the Slot
In Hong Kong,
citing Tagore

to help untangle the knows
of national identity
Bookstores won’t
survive as
Dame Vivienne Westwood
gets big press
for sponsoring small press edition
Lee Child & the macho of minimalism
Holly Prado:
We Come Into
Harry E Northup:
Love Poem to Holly
Frank Cosaro
Hayao Miyazaki to retire from filmmaking
The Walt Whitman of gay porn
Edmund de Waal,
writing in porcelain
The 50 most powerful people
non-profit arts
Getty museum to set
4,600 images free
Hockney aide
died from drinking acid
Philly academy
plans to auction
one of two
Putin parody painter
flees Russia
In Germany, satirists
are free
to employ the Nazi salute
In Canada,
references in painting

don’t violate ©
Remembering Red Burns
Chimp wins $10K art competition
Ye olde ‘mod art
was a CIA weapon
’ canard
Suspects offer to return
they claim
not to have stolen
Lady Gaga + Marina Abramović:
which one is doing the satire?
Who should have the © to Money?
Honoring Britten
by putting Tennyson on money
Eric Satie:
Ode to Critics
The UK university ranking system & its discontents
Nikki Giovanni on MLK’s dream speech
Eduardo Galeano
on our collective amnesia

As always,
The Volta
is awesome