Wednesday, September 11, 2013

900+ poets in 60 languages
(Inger Christensen declares
in Danish
that apricot trees exist)
A Lemony Snicket selection
of poems for Poetry
Wall Street Journal:
poetry is everywhere in NYC
the most popular poetry course ever,
begins anew
Talking with Kenny G
3 poems by Thomas Devaney
AC Crispin has died
Did football kill Kerouac?
The New Criterion
hates Jack Kerouac
Kerouac in his own words
Talking it out vs. writing it down
is looking for a new laureate
Talking with Maxine Kumin
Sherman Alexie
author hand-selling days
The places you’ll go
Angelou & Doctorow
(EL, not Cory)
to get honorary Nat’l Book Awards
Top 13 poets
most likely to think
that Amish Trivedi is not a bad driver
32 Words:
An Anthology of
Post-Art Anti-Poetics
Choctaw Books
in Jackson, Mississippi
is shutting its doors
Why you should buy used books
Redesigning The NY Times Book Review
for the post-book generation
Fiction in the 21st century
Talking with Lethem
Write a memoir, find a sibling
Talking with John LeCarré
Amazon to give away
cheap or free
Kindle versions

to purchasers of hardcopy books
15 revelations
the new Salinger bio
his phone # & testicles)
Salinger biopic:
the empire strikes back
Trocchi as monster
Authors behaving badly
Writing prof yanked
after dissing the GOP
Joe Amato:
Show and Tell
Talking with Stephen Burt
A selection of Kenneth Patchen
100 years ago:
Yeats’ September 1913
Kirsty Gunn:
Form is a challenge
The world’s shortest poem?
(he doesn’t know
Joyce Holland’s
Alphabet Anthology
or how to pronounce Saroyan)
Talking with Norman Rush
Pronouns & Chelsea Manning
Amanda Lohrey:
Should literature be political?
Stefan Collini
on literature & politics
Talking with Rosanna Warren
Heaney was a joy to listen to
The cell phones @ Heaney’s funeral
The Writers Group & Seamus Heaney
Longley on Heaney
Talking with Jhumpa Lahiri
A prize for the late Dennis O’Driscoll
Luke Davies’
Four Plots for Magnets
Remembering Katie Jacobson
Larissa Behrendt:
The novel after the novelist
Teju Cole:
the future of the novel
LOL: Txting is fingered speech
Murakami emerges as favorite
for the Nobel Prize
How to query a poetry press
Roger McGough dishes poems on plates
Maureen McLane:
My Poets
How English professors ruin everything
Will James Franco please stop?
Jeff Bezos saves newspapers
Don’t ditch Deutsch!
A Schwitters exhibition
on the island
where he was interned
during WW2
Beuys to debut
new Sotheby’s gallery in London
Chris Burden:
Conceptualism before the nostalgia
Modernism from Iran
AE’s missing link
The muralists
who defied Pinochet
Unhiding Horace Pippin
The Van Gogh in the attic
Jack Beal has died
Drawing the US from memory
Simon Hantai’s discontent
Call of the weird
Talking with Pat de Groot
Sound recordings
Alison Knowles
Dick Raaymakers has died
Is Beethoven an Indian plot in Kashmir?
Talking with Stephen Sondheim
George Lakoff on
Obama’s attempt at reframing
the Syrian War debate
Prime time
with Adam Spencer
The complete archive of
Internationale Situationiste
(in French)
OK, Glass
Victor Serge in Mexico
6 critical theorists
according to the haters
Death by democracy

6 other NYC institutions
in danger of disappearing
this fall