Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tyrone Williams:
Toleration, Translation, & Ecstasy
Williams on
coteries, affiliations & loners
Denise Levertov
& the poetics of mysticism
Renee Gladman:
Kathy Lou Schultz on
Melvin Tolson, imagism & the Chicago School
The extravagant talent of Jamie MacInnis
Barry Schwabsky:
Why I’m not reading Louise Glück
Lytle Shaw:
The Eigner Sanction
Lytle Shaw’s fieldworks
Harryette Mullen’s
Urban Tumbleweed
Arthur Krystal
confuses his deafness
with an absence of music
Gertrude Stein’s Plain Editions
Jennifer Scappettone:
Decline with City
Michelle Detorie: from Fur Birds
What they saw
Steve Benson on
Andrew Levy & Jonathan Lethem
David Buuck:
Translating Perec in action
Talking with Geoffrey G O’Brien
Rae Armantrout: 2 new poems
Karen Green’s Bough Down
CA Conrad:
Reading Starlight with One Eye like Creeley
Robert Creeley:
4 letters
Rod Smith on Creeley’s letters
1957: Creeley
submits to Poetry
Recruit actors to do the reading?
Talking to Ron Padgett
Authors who are generous
Baking with Alice Munro
Preparing for the onslaught
Alice Munro sales
Talking with Alice
Mike Ladd & Vijay Iyer:
Before I went to Iraq, I died
Vanessa Place: Zombie Poetry
Rimbaud & the puppets
MRIs of your brain under poetry
Talking with Hassen
“America’s most productive literary mill”:
Siri Hustvedt & Paul Auster
12 or 20 questions with André Alexis
Don Share:
to the readers of Poetry
Petitioning Poetry
poets in need
What’s your favorite poem?
The Onion
getting snarky
with John Ashbery
Notes toward a pragmatist reading
John Ashbery’s poetics
Ashbery & the pragmatist sublime
Talking with Andrew Zawacki
Poe’s class anxiety
Ottawa’s literary scene stacks up
The Waste Land’s
unacknowledged source
The Waste Land
& its children
Amiri Baraka
talking in Gloucester
Mary Oliver’s Dog Songs
Rewriting Jane Austen
15-line sonnets take the Forward Prize
What’s at stake in the poetry-plagiarism kerfuffle
NY Times obit for Álvaro Mutis
Mark Weiss:
32 Short Poems for Bill Bronk,
plus one
Claude McKay:
close reading aloud
Bobby Crawford raises his voice
R Miller’s
Spontaneous Poem for Michael Scholnick
2 poems by Pierre Joris
Spahr & Buuck
& An Army of Lovers
Christopher Reid:
Six Bad Poets
For better social skills,
read some
How to bet on the Nobel Prize
75 years of the 92nd St Y
& 25 years of PEN/Faulkner
The UK is trying
regulate the press
Editors warn over government control
of the press
Amazon bans some books
So WH Smith follows suit
Peter Quartermain:
reading the difficult
Talking with Brenda Hillman
A boatload of bathos
Nat’l Poetry Day
What if Dr Seuss wrote Jurassic Park?
rob mclennan: a suite of new work
Robert Bly’s latest book
David Gilmour:
Shallow, misguided, wrong
What Gilmour actually said:
“I’m not interested in teaching books by women”
Gilmour disses Canlit & women!
Gilmour shortchanging his students
Responding to Gilmour
Dear David: Thank you
The loneliness of old white guys
John Freeman:
a trade press perspective on
5 best books on reading novels
A visit with John Irving
Stevie Nicks writes
Game of Thrones fan poetry
Librarian gives $600K
back to her library
with ink in their skin
Library use in the UK
has declined by one quarter
in just 8 years
HarperCollins to partner with Scribd
for e-book subscriptions
19 literary manicures
Dave Eggers:
an excerpt from The Circle
Talking with Eggers
Dave Eggers’
dim view of high tech
Fiction in the NY Times?
John Cayley: Pentameters
Terms of Reference & Vectoralist Transgressions
Styling bookcases
if books aren’t your thing
Every book Artie Garfunkel has read
for the last 45 years
Abraham Nemeth,
who invented a language
of math for the blind,
has died
As has novelist Oscar Hijuelos
Another Mailer bio
Talking with Scott Turow
On the horror of agreeing
Jonathan Franzen
Rise of the text tattoo
A pricey auction
books & mss.
Wago Ryoichi:
the silent salute of poetry
Lawrence’s Arabia & our own
What makes a book discoverable?
Children’s books
are turning up in wedding ceremonies
Jonathan Lethem on the power of
comics & sci-fi
A network archaeology of unauthorized
comic book scans
The women who write
dinosaur erotica
Shades of Grey
is now officially rubbish
Dumbo in Syria
Banksy’s New York
Banksy beaver fells parking sign
Banksy’s biggest
NYC piece yet
Banksy stall
sells signed originals
for $60
Banksy may abandon
“commercial” art
Angel Otero:
justifying the medium of paint
What now for 5Pointz?
Everything you need to know
art fairs
but were afraid to ask
A conversation with
Angel Otero & Jack Whitten
16 drawings for Helen Adam
Why we need to
redefine emerging art
John Yau sums up Allison Miller
Yau on Steve Roden
& visiting Rick Beerhorst
A “new” Titian
A new mural in the Tenderloin
Hal Lasko’s pixel paintings
are more interesting than the fact
that he’s 98
Oedipus at the camera:
Leigh Ledare’s photos
of his mother having sex
California passes
paparazzi law
The Rubins:
giving to NYC but not Manhattan
What did Forest Houses residents
think of the Gramsci Monument?
Josh Smith: “honest” paintings
Bacon’s Freud might bring $85M
Lucian Freud in Vienna
When artists design coloring books
(such a shame that both Joe Brainard & Jess
aren’t around for this)
Talking with Sarah Lutz
6 places to see Chihuly glass works
Bill Eppridge has died
Feeling all Tinguely
& its discontents
Harlem Renaissance
inspires museum fundraiser
Curators flee Indianapolis museum
The agony of suspense in Detroit
Detroit is the new avant-garde
A kiss is just a kiss
unless you’re on
Facebook in Morocco
Christine Hill: models of commerce
Art & its surrogates: Allan McCollum
Genji’s world in woodblocks
Gursky’s panorama
Japanese erotica in London
Balthus at the Met
Some major art books of the fall season
Schwitters on the Isle of Man
The videopaintings
Jason Varone
New art in The New Age
Elton & Bernie, 40 years on
music that once was banned by France
Tunisian rapper sent to prison
Making rock & roll of Alice Notley’s poems: aROARa
4’33” – the score
Breaking Bad:
the opera
Departing director
conducts locked-out orchestra
in Minnesota
Dancers’ brains
adapt to spinning
Daniel Radcliffe: Harry Who?
Trying to make © law on TV
Talking with Alan Liu
The new elitism
looks a lot like
the old elitism
Talking with Jussi Parikka
How many Bitcoins
will fit in the couch?
2 million censors
monitor the web in China
Filmmaker runs into censorship in Iran
N/A is superb
Floor is on solid ground
Come Together:
Surviving Sandy