Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The R is back
Talking with
Lisa Robertson
Tyrone Williams:
Anthology wars
& on amateur poets
& the academy
Philip Lamantia’s
Collected Poems
Female writers
continue to suffer from discrimination
fall lineup reviewed
10 years of BookThug
100 years of Ezra’s don’ts
Revelator’s first review:
“a move toward new
and more capacious ways of imagining
how poetic form
can hold worlds together”
25 reasons why
this is the golden age
indie publishing
Martina Thomson has died
How French law
keeps Amazon at bay
Amazon as bully
Contracts that no longer
guarantee hard-copy books
Stephen Burt: indiscriminate fanboy
Ange Mlinko on Denise Levertov
(subscribers only)
Carol Ann Duffy:
22 Reasons for the Bedroom Tax
John Yau on Lionel Zirpin
James Longenbach
DH Lawrence
Lawrence: Man and Bat
Remember when
newspapers had book reviews?
NBCC wants to celebrate…
When the Beats
still were “
Muppet Babies
Talking with Sylvia Plath:
‘I’m 50 years behind’
Plath’s ongoing appeal
Robert Hass:
Wallace Stevens in the World
U of Illinois
acquires the archives of
Gwendolyn Brooks
Geof Huth on LitArena
Tucson lifts ban
Latino studies textbooks
The Text Festivals:
Language Art & Material Poetry
Eleanor Catton
wins the Man Booker
Catton reading from
The Luminaries
A year of great poetry books,
none of which
made the
National Book Award shortlist
What’s wrong with poetry? Nothing!
The 2013 Stranger Genius
literary award shortlist
Margaret Atwood
on Alice Munro
Gillian White’s review
Louise Glück
Noah Eli Gordon:
15 Problems
John Tranter
on 100 years of Poetry
(the anthology)
Why I am not
academic poet
Talking with Kerry James
A profile of Copper Canyon
Talking with Peter Davis
Talking with Patricia Westerhof
with a sizeable excerpt from
The Dove in Bathurst Station
Talking with Nicholson Baker
Will apps replace books?
The poetry of
Twitter chairman
Jack Dorsey
Making modernism BIG
is completely up-to-date
The pirated Ulysses
Talking with Juliet Patterson
Francesca Lisette:
a manifesto for revolutionary tenderness
Talking with Saif Alsaegh
Neil Gaiman:
let kids read
the books they love
Seth Abramson’s
‘All You Ploughboys’
Tim Kenner & Jasper Bernes:
Theses on
Poetry and/or Revolution
3 honks for Blonk
A poets’ roundtable
on person, persona

& other vestiges of the 19th century
Austen’s one-liners
Should we rewrite Austen?
William Gaddis:
America’s best
unknown writer
A previously unpublished memoir
New details emerge
about the young
Michael Blouin
answers the Proust Questionnaire
Blouin in the wind
Why the Pushcart Prize is so dismal
Josef Kaplan’s
Kill List
Josef Kaplan
has a three-inch penis”
Keston Sutherland’s statement
for ‘Revolution and/or Poetry’
10 reasons why
it must suck
to be
James Franco
Talking with Michael Dennis
On Edmund Spenser’s
Shepheardes’ Calendar
Roth Unbound
Philly’s 215 Fest
Talking with Andrei Codrescu
Anne Carson:
By Chance the Cycladic People
Jill Richards:
Poetry & the Political Climate
in Oakland
Morrisey’s autobiography as a “classic”
shows just how random
Random Penguin has become
Rewriting Warhol
Talking with Jayne Anne Phillips
Talking with Sting, the author
Lee Smith
45 of publishing
Yet another Mailer bio
Why are we surprised
David Gilmour?
Noel Gallagher:
reading fiction is
an effing ‘waste of time’
Four decades of James Wolcott
The poem that made
Sherman Alexie
want to be a poet
Joshua Clover
on the social role of the poet
Plus JClo on music
Literary tourism
in Fredericton, New Brunswick
From TV’s Bachelorette
comes a book of poems
Talking with Douglas Coupland
5 things you don’t know about
Maurice Sendak
Talking to JJ Abrams
Nothing like a comic
about colonic irrigation
Poetry is like
music to the mind
Court declines
to hear
writer’s appeal
in leaks case
How Lou Reed
overthrew Communism
Lou Reed’s politics
The Rolling Stone obit
Lessons from
Cecil Taylor
Norman Granz
& the history of jazz
David Byrne:
good @ music,
bad @ math
Pussy Riot prisoner
“disappears” in the gulag
Suzanne Lacy’s
Between the Door & the Street
Bolshoi dancer on trial
over acid attack
Sacked Bolshoi dancer
gets top St Petersburg job
Can Diego Rivera
save Detroit?
Barry Schwabsky on Carol Bove
Jason Rhoades @ Philly’s ICA
An art book for preschool
More classics for toddlers
Banksy sold
$225,000 worth of art
for $420
at his
Central Park stall
Banksy hits NYC
& the city hits back
calls on Banksy
to help save it
Banksy suspends his project
due to “police activity”
Bloomberg is not a fan
How the hedonists
seduced the art world
Ivan Brunetti’s aesthetics
A rape sculpture in Poland
Prague gets
a floating finger
Carl Andre
takes the floor
David Hockney
@ the de Young
Wild’ art
The rise of the art fair
Marina Abramović:
the institute
Shirley Jaffe’s paintings
from 1970s Paris
How to talk about
Freud & Bacon
What’s hot
at the
Frieze London
Hollis Frampton’s
Zorn’s Lemma
The trouble with
Blue is the Warmest Color
Breaking Bad
&  the philosophy of religion
Chris Chen:
Notes toward
an abolitionist antiracism
Scholars who shill for Wall Street
Quitting academia
What fashion sez
gender, sex and power
Chinese newspaper
for a
journalist’s freedom
Chinese journalist ‘confesses’
Investigate The Guardian
Press freedom ‘not threatened’
A museum for Ben Franklin
How to say
in Chinese
The spectre of communisation
A quick guide to US black ops
History’s sinkhole:
the Mexico-US border
18 images of earth
worth perusing
If only Line
were on-line