Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Lyn Hejinian:
from The Unfollowing
A poem worth
a life sentence
in a Qatari prison
Avant-garde in Istanbul
Poems for the Millennium: North Africa
Catherine Wagner:
from Fear Light Susan Type
Al Filreis
Stephen Collis
Rae Armantrout:
Plus 4 poems
A nice review of Revelator
from rob mclennan
A reading of mine
from Sunset Debris
Troubling the Line:
Trans and Genderqueer Poetry & Poeticws
You can read Peter Quartermain’s introduction
to Robert Duncan’s
Collected Later Poems & Plays here
Brian Teare
on Lisa Jarnot’s Duncan bio
Harryette Mullen’s Urban Tumbleweed:
Notes from a Tanka Diary
No signs of poison
Neruda’s remains
Lou Reed & the NY School
Talking with Lou Reed
Patti Smith:
Remembering Lou Reed
Lou Reed’s incorrigible genius
Reed never gave it away
Lou Reed estate
goes to Laurie Anderson & family
Dueling Russian poets
keep Putin in power
50 tough books
for extreme readers

Do different languages
different personalities?
How to write
whatever’s current in poetry
100 years of Proust
GC Waldrep:
from discrete series
Tomaž Šalamun:
To the Heart
Alysia Abbott:
first you write the book,
then it writes its own book
Wondering in Bangalore:
Is literature still an
old boys club’?
Confessions of a Booker Prize judge
Literary citizenship:
the vast gap between
writing for a living
& a day job as a bike messenger
Seminary Coop splits from Newberry
Alli Warren:
5 new poems
Sara Nicholson:
Hall of the Woods
Elizabeth Gilbert,
the author of Eat, Pray, Love
on the work of Jack Gilbert
A trailer for
The Line Has Shattered:
Vancouver’s Landmark
1963 Poetry Conference
Roberto Tejada:
avant-garde in crisis
Conceptual art
as anti-humanism
Margaret Atwood
Alice Munro
Talking with Myung Mi Kim
Tom Clark: Wild
The Dude
is a dandy
Matsuo Bashō’s Poetic Spaces
an artist book for writing
Handwritten manuscripts
you can read online
Censoring Harry Potter
Aaron Tucker on writing
A short history of the term glitch
Adam Kirsch & Anna Holmes
on tweeting vs. criticism
Talking with Cecilia Vincuña
Michael Palmer:
2 poems
A roundtable on Edmund Jabès

Ange Mlinko’s
Marvelous Things Overheard
Eliot Weinberger interviews Gary Snyder
What to wear at a reading?
Can book snobbery
kill books?
Amanda Earl
to be inducted into
the VerseOttawa Hall of Honour
(Mis)Reading Inger Christensen
as a conceptualist
Talking with Suzanne Scanlon
Salman Rushdie
on being a guy
Talking with Sherman Alexie
All self-publishers
a good editor
Talking with Yona Harvey
On interviewing William Burroughs
Talking with Barbara Henning
The Russian version of
politics & poetry
Talan Memmot:
On Codework:
Phenomenology of an Anti-Genre
Talking with Hazel Carby
Seamus Heaney’s last poem?
Zadie Smith:
Winning prizes is “everything”
James Yeary & David Abel
in conversation
Chuck Calabreze & Arthur Sze:
Poetry unexplained
17 poems by Mark Weiss
The Whole Island:
Six Decades of Cuban Poetry
Karena Youtz & Jane Lewty
in conversation
Kevin Varrone’s Box Score app
1260 audio poems
in a single mashup
Meg Kearney on 14th Street
D’Annunzio bio
wins Samuel Johnson Prize
Finnegans Wake
& the NSA
David Lehman on sestinas
Talking with David Lehman
but failing to ask about stamp collecting
FW Harvey’s “lost” novel found
Amina Cain’s Creature
Women & Children First
is looking for new owners
Are Mormons too optimistic
for great literature?
Beware zombie nouns
From Whitman to
the School of Quietude
in South Huntington
Denise Duhamel on sestinas
The Huntington is back
Is Amazon Publishing in trouble?
All the wrong reasons
for writing
Poetry SuperHighway
goes to the other extreme
with its annual e-book potlatch
Tara Betts on
Sestina for the Sin
Daniel Alarcón:
At Night We Walk in Circles
Donna Tartt’s anti-epic
Dan Gerber’s
Sailing Through Cassiopeia
Kent Johnson
on the sestina
Attica Locke
wins the Earnest J Gaines Award
Talking with Stephen Burt
Burt on Six Kinds of Noodles
Talking with Paula Bohince
the comic
Matt Kish
Heart of Darkness
Talking with Dessa
Billy Collins on PBS Newshour
Talking with Aaron Belz
Robert Paterson:
famous poems set to music
The 20 most powerless
“people” in the art world
Remembering Arthur Danto
Arthur Danto & the end of art
Danto’s sense of wonder
2 founders of Dia
sue to stop auction
of its iconic collection
Bill Gates:
Donations to museums
are morally reprehensible
Why Lucy Lippard
never gets writers block
Vanity Fair’s
‘greatest living artists’
Banksy alters painting,
donates it to charity…
Banksy in NYC:
Jerk or Genius?
Banksy’s NYC finale
brings the cops
10 tough women artists
who stand up to the bad boys
RosaLee Goldberg
on the future of performance art
How performance art
took over the art world
Mary Mattingly:
Performance artist as bag lady
or vice versa
The difference between
comedy & performance art
Artist nails himself to Red Square
Damien does Doha:
a Trojan shark?
Going big with Richard Serra
Talking with Eduardo Sarabia
John Yau
Peter Acheson’s talismans
Yau on Lester Johnson’s
painting of the 1960s
Yau on Karl Wirsum
It’s not The Hermitage:
Russian Museum in St. Petersburg
shows work by
Sylvester Stallone
The painting of Miles Davis
Oregon artists
archived surveillance to light
Jack Mitchell has died
Albert Mobilio on Edward Burtynsky
Talking with Raoul Middleman
N Korean art
celebrating China’s
socialist utopia
handwritten outline for
A Love Supreme
Pussy Riot member
banished to Siberia
Elliott Smith:
“Mr Misery” 10 years later
Smith turns up as a figure
in Dennis Cooper’s latest poems
Talking with Rabih Mroué
Michael Lally on
12 Years a Slave
Ed Pincus has died
Fighting to stay in SF as an artist
connects with readers under 80
French journalists killed in Mali
Egypt suspends TV satirist
Cuba shuts down private cinemas
& video game parlors
UK approve press regulation
Reddit Politics Forum
publisher blacklist
Argentine media law upheld by court
Liberian editor
hopes “libel” case
will soon be settled
Cancer bracelet censorship
could go to Supreme Court
A campaign in Germany
to offer
Snowden asylum
Tim Berners-Lee
on spies, metadata & the web
Talking with Jacques Rancière