Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Recently Received

Books (Poetry)
Eric Amling, From the Author’s Private Collection, The Song Cave, Northampton, MA 2013
Heimrad Bäcker, Seascape, Ugly Duckling Presse, Brooklyn, 2013
Martin Bakero, Abjects, Veer Books, London, no date listed
Ken Belford, Internodes, Talonbooks, Vancouver, 2013
George Bilgere, Imperial, University of Pittsburgh Press, Pittsburgh, 2014
George Bowering, My Darling Nellie Grey, Talon Books, Vancouver, 2010
Margaret Chula, Just This: Tanka, introduction by Amelia Frieden, Mountains & Rivers Press, Eugene, OR, 2013
Clark Coolidge, 88 Sonnets, Fence Books, Albany, NY, 20012
Elise Cowen, Poems and Fragments, edited  by Tony Trigilio, Ahsahta Press, Boise, 2014
Jennifer K. Dick, Betwixt, Corrupt Press, Edinburgh, 2011
Jennifer K. Dick, Circuits, Corrupt Press, Edinburgh, 2013
Arkadii Dragomoshchenko, Endarkment: Selected Poems, edited by Eugene Ostashevsky, translated by Lyn Hejinian, Genya Turovskaya, Eugene Ostashevsky, Bela Shayevich, Jacob Edmund & Elena Balashova, Wesleyan University Press, Middletown, CT, 2014
Robert Duncan, The Collected Later Poems and Plays, edited with an introduction by Peter Quartermain, UC Press, Berkeley, 2013
Adam  Fagin, T’s Alphabet, Little Red Leaves Textile Editions, Houston, TX, 2013
John Paul Fiorentino, Needs Improvement, Coach House Press, Toronto, 2013
John Godfrey, Singles and Fives, Fewer & Further Press, Wendell, MA, 2011
David B. Goldstein, Laws of Rest, BookThug, Toronto, 2013
Melanie Green, Continuing Bridge, Mountains & Rivers Press, Eugene, OR, 2013
 Bruce Holsapple, Wayward Shadow, La Alameda Press, Albuquerque, NM, 2013
Kathleen Jesme, Albedo, Ahsahta Press, Boise, 2014
Doug Jones, Posts, Veer Books, London, 2013
Julie Joosten, Light Light, BookThug, Toronto, 2013
Andrew Jordan, Hegemonick, Shearsman, Bristol, UK, 2012 (includes a pack of 8 cards related to the contents of the book)
Justin Katko, The Death of Pringle, Veer Books, London, 2012 (a corresponding American edition, with black & white insides, is published by Flim [sic] Forum Press, Albany, New York)
R. Kolewe, Alice in the Economies: Fourteen Poems from Hudson, Eridani, Seul, Associates Inc., Toronto, 2013 (published in an edition of 27)
Peter Larkin, Imparkments (The Surrogate Has Settled), Veer Books, 2012
Teresa Leo, Bloom in Reverse, University of Pittsburgh Press, Pittsburgh, 2014
Tony Lopez, False Memory, with an introduction by Robert Hampson, Shearsman, Bristol, UK, 2012
Steve McCaffery, Every Way Oakly, BookThug, Toronto, 2008
William Minor, Pigeons and Pussy, Shearsman, Bristol, UK, 2013
Joseph Mosconi, Fright Analog, no publisher listed (but see next item), no location, no date given
Joseph Mosconi, Fright Catalog, Insert Blanc Press, Los Angeles, 2013 (includes Fright Analog as an insert)
Holly Pester, Bark Leather, Veer Books, London, 2013
Ray Ragota, A Motive for Disappearance, Burning Deck, Providence, 2013
Sandra Ridley, The Counting House, BookThug, Toronto, 2013
Ed Steck, The Garden: Synthetic Environment for Analysis and Simulation, Ugly Duckling Presse, Brooklyn, 2013
Gertrude Stein, Tender Buttons, introduction by Steve McCaffery, BookThug, Toronto, 2008
Stacy Szymaszek, Austerity Measures, Fewer & Further Press, Wendell, MA, 2012

Books (Other)
André Alexis, A, BookThug, Toronto, 2013
Lisa Attanasio, Lakeside, Green Zone Editions, Brooklyn, 2013
Michael Blouin, I Don’t Know How to Behave, BookThug, Toronto, 2013
Stephen Collis & Jordan Scott, Decomp, Coach House Press, Toronto, 2013 (a collaboration with Charles Darwin & the British Columbia ecosphere)
Stan Dragland, Deep Too, BookThug, Toronto, 2013
Aram Saroyan, thlink: Essays in Community, Figueroa Press, Los Angeles, 2013
Aram Saroyan, The Lake Matters: Notes about Writing & Life, Figueroa Press, Los Angeles, 2010
Peter Sis, The Conference of the Birds, a lavishly illustrated edition of the poem by Farid Ud-Din Attar, Penguin, NYC, 2013
Juliana Spahr & David Buuck, An Army of Lovers, City Lights, San Francisco, 2013
Carol Watts, Sundog, Veer Books, London, 2013

Sal Mimeo # 10, August 2013, NYC. Includes Edwin Denby, Bill Berkson, Bernadette Mayer, Charles North, Jim Brodey, Joanne Kyger, Alfred Starr Hamilton, John Godfrey, Clark Coolidge, Jean Day, Alan Bernheimer, Elio Schneeman, Steve Malamude, Joe Ceravolo, more.
Транспиt (Translit) #13, no location given, but St Petersburg & Moscow, Russia. Language Writing focus, includes Michael Palmer, Lyn Hejinian, Ron Silliman, Marjorie Perloff, more. In Russian, save for a post-script summary.

Other Media & Formats
Whit Griffin, Precession of the Equinoxes, Small Fires Press, no location given (but moving between Memphis & New Orleans), 2013. Single sheet folded quarto in an edition of 75. Every line in the poem but the last has six words. Title deserves some sort of “best drop cap of the year” award.

aROARa, In the Pines, Club Roll Music, Montreal 2012. CD (also an untitled EP with a partial sampling available). Ariel Engle & Andrew Whiteman’s salute to Alice Notley, Leadbelly, Kurt Cobain, love, etc. Best music you will hear this year.