Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Pussy Riot to be freed
The leaking of the 3 JD Salinger stories
Guardian news staff
may be prosecuted
for aiding Edward Snowden
The MPs grill Guardian editor
Alan Rusbridger
The Guardian will not be intimidated
Whatever you say, Mickey:
the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement
The agreement as a single PDF file
A failure in literary intelligence
The diaries are here
The exploited laborers of liberal media
Emily Dickinson:
The Gorgeous
John Rechy on being a Gay Latino writer
Richard Blanco
on how to write
a bad inaugural poem

Juan Felipe Herrera:
Wanda Coleman
An expanded LA Times obit of Coleman
Maya Angelou: admiring Mandela
batik fashion icon
Miriam Markowitz
on VIDA & the future of publishing
The Kelly Writers House Fellows for 2014:
TC Boyle, Rae Armantrout, Buzz Bissinger
A biography of Bunting
The Selected Letters of Louis Zukofsky
Jordan’s underground female slam scene
Women of the Beat Generation
7 queer poets you should know
Fred Brunke has died
As has publisher André Schiffrin
Katrina vanden Heuvel:
100 years of Proust in The Nation
Ariana Reines: Dream House
Hannah Weiner’s Code Poems
Lyn Hejinian: Wild Captioning
Alice Notley reads
Pillar of Flame
4 letters from Robert Creeley
including one to Jonathan Williams
beginning “Dear Dad”
Literature & bureaucracy
How Margaret Atwood declines blurb requests
Atwood on Isak Dinesen
Roberta Beary’s Nighthawks
Joyce Carol Oates on Mike Tyson
Talking with Peter Jaeger
Is RevPo just another brand?
Kenny G on The New Yorker Blog
on the art of Google book scans
What ModPo means
Michelle Naka Pierce
talking with Alice Notley
BBC obit of Doris Lessing
Lessing’s last interview
Joe Amato & Kass Fleisher
on composition studies
People who use libraries
should “go back to Mexico”
says pol who wants to halt
library funding
The great book theft of Naples
Samuel R Delany
was a master of sci-fi
long before they started
to give him awards for it
Walter Cronkite & Gertrude Stein
Peanuts & Gertrude Stein
Ryan Clark:
Teaching homophonic translation
Rae Armantrout’s
best poetry of 2013 list
The “best” poetry books of 2013
The NY Times top ten book list
Amazon has its top 100 of 2013
Poetry books on Amazon’s literature top 20? Zero!
I’m not on the Fuck List
But I am on SPD’s poetry best seller list for November!
Eleanor Catton wins the Governor General’s award
Literary prizes &
the ‘ordeal of middlebrow culture’
Do you fully need to read the book
to determine the prize winners?
Not according to
Charles McGrath
Manil Suri
wins this year’s prize
for bad sex
Jasper Bernes on John Ashbery,
albeit second-hand
Ashbery’s Coconut Milk
Ron Padgett’s Collected Poems
Iain Sinclair looking for Charles Olson
EL Doctorow:
the promise & threat of the internet
No evidence that Neruda was poisoned
A poet @ Forbes Magazine
The Life & Work of
Marianne Moore
Paul Auster on Samuel Beckett
everyone get the first line of Beowulf wrong?
Jynne Dilling Martin:
the coolest poet alive,
Hemingway’s letters,
book 2
Daniel Alarcón:
hot on two continents
Quill & Quire editor’s
books of the year
What cowboy poets look like
William Weaver has died
In El Centro & Calexico,
ink is activism
Jeffrey Eugenides:
Find the Bad Guy
Talking with Eugenides
Men are adopting
Valley Girl uptalk
The ragged spawn of EL Doctorow
Amazon’s greatest weapon?
Jeff  Bezos’ paranoia
Is Amazon in trouble?
Penguin signs deal
to sell e-books directly
Can e-publishing
turn Africa onto reading?
Stats from this year’s
e-book free-for-all
Poetry Super Highway
Targeting Target
to create a paperback bestseller
The poetics of
Google autocomplete
The poems we think we know:
Battle Hymn of the Republic
New Orleans’ new poetry scene
Talking with Amy Tam
a city of literature
built out of books
A survey of literature
from A to maybe C
WashPo’s top 10
books of 2013
Martin Cruz Smith
on writing with Parkinson’s
Calvin Trillin:
What Cynthia Ozick
taught me about my grandfather
50 books
that define
Official Culture
over the past 5 years
Stephen Burt,
transgender in Western Washington
The neurological effects of poetry
Geoffrey Hill: Broken Hierarchies
Dutch braille stamps
to celebrate Louis Braille’s
200th birthday
The drawings of Sylvia Plath
Poets remember Famous Seamus
Heaney drafts on display
in Belfast
Brecht’s Three-Penny Novel
& the time of capital
David Lehman:
What makes Tintern Abbey a masterpiece?
Hotels inspired by literature
Tami Haaland,
Montana poet laureate
City Desk meaning “will call” --
the history of a regional phrase
Bye-bye buckra
way overpays for the wrong
Tom Wolfe
Writers & their libraries
10 current terms
literary origins
Archiving email
(subscribers only)
Yet another
James Franco-plays-a-poet
with 12 directors!
Richard Ford
wins French literary award
CS Lewis gets a nod
in Poets’ Corner
William Logan on his contemporary,
Rudyard Kipling
An event @ the Harry Smith Print Shop
Matt Kish
on the art of The Heart
of Darkness
Talking with Susan Bee
A short history of the Turner Prize
Print out the Smithsonian
A reminder of 5Pointz
from an unlikely evangelist
The destruction of art in WW2
Surviving Sandy: 300 artists in Brooklyn
How much is Detroit’s art worth?
Will the bankruptcy of Detroit
save the
John Yau on Samgram Majumdar
What happens when we run out of styles?
Russia’s art anarchists
explain themselves
Loos lips: talking with Yehuda Safran
Talking with Hernan Bas
Leon Kossoff & the School of London
The paintings of Stephanie Brody-Lederman
Susan Howe & David Foster Wallace
among 2014 Whitney Biennale artists
What the Whitney list tells us
fine-arts degree ain’t so bad
Self-portraits & disguise
How Arman commercialized assemblage
The art of Tracey Emin
Was Norman Rockwell a pedophile?
When is a Pollock a Pollock?
Christie’s sets an auction record
for modern & contemporary art
Sotheby’s isn’t doing poorly either
Cheap art on Amazon
Hopper’s East Wind Over Weehawken
sells for $40M
The Munich treasure trove
of art work stolen by the Nazis
starts to go online
Germany must seek out
owners of looted art
What is the value of stolen art?
Art + Auction’s Power 100
Is there a bubble
in the
art market?
How to collect
Chinese avant-garde
Meret Oppenheim @ 100
as viewed by her niece
10 of the best
Art Basel Miami Beach
How to sneak into
Miami’s art parties
Much ado about NADA
Laurie Anderson
on the life & death of
Lou Reed
Mandela, Gil Scott-Heron & Johannesburg
Top 10 songs about Nelson Mandela
The Lonesome Deaths of Bob Dylan
France charges Dylan with hate speech
Is it rolling, Bob?
Dylan’s Newport Fender brings $965K
“Fighting in the captain’s tower” – Dylan reads The Waste Land
(which he reads as a poem about the death of Lincoln)
J Alfred Prufrock: the comic
Springsteen lyrics born to sell
The jazz of Wayne Shorter
John Tavener has died
Bolshoi dancer
jailed over acid attack
Some great new ways
spell names
The wannabe philosopher-king
Who takes MOOCs?
Close-reading Lincoln
Obama’s booklist
Tech providers want to change law
NSA “data collection
Reading Chomsky & the Dalai Lama,
NFL player quits football
An arrest report
Rosa Parks
Something on Paper
is terrific!