Thursday, January 02, 2014

Talking with Alice Notley
Notley’s collage fans
Aram Saroyan:
Notes at 70
Younger women
are changing poetry
Joanna Fuhrman & Toni Simon:
The Ruler of Rusted Knees
Lisa Cattrone:
Trash Theory
Anne Tardos:
More than 9 Nines
Peter O’Leary on Márton Koppány
Don Share’s list
of memorable poetry from 2013
in the Boston Globe
Rob Halpern:
from Hocus Pocus
Reb Livingston: from Bombyonder
Talking with CAConrad
CAConrad: Suspension Fluid Magnificence
John Ashbery & the arts
Amiri Baraka hospitalized
Norma Cole:
Unforgettable Trash
Should Ezra Pound be shot?
Closing the word gap
between rich & poor

Quietists rewriting literary history
by leaving the key stuff out
The Poetics List turns 20!
Lily Hoang:
To Eat Trash
Talking with Lynn Coady
As you read the e-books,
they read you
6 libraries
that have over 1 million
digital checkouts per year
The rise of protest poetry
across the Middle East
Dana Maya: Trash Talk
Dee Morris reading Rae Armantrout
Katie Price doing the same
Jennifer Ashton
The 2014 Kelly Writers House Fellows:
TC Boyle, Rae Armantrout, Buzz Bissinger
Talking with Urayoán Noel
Joshua Marie Wilkinson:
A Song Called Shudder
Free housing for writers in Detroit
Ted Mathys:
Wastepickers & the Seduction
of the Ecopoetical Image
Burroughs in Kansas,
a memoir from Jim McCrary
Philip Hobsbaum, the writing teacher
Michael Boughn: from City
Xmas eve was the best day ever
The Strand in NYC
New Year’s resolution:
support indie bookshops
Moving Muldoon
The New Yorker mimes PoemTalk:
Phil Levine reads Ellen Bass
Remembering Cavafy
The continuing voices of
Emoji, therefor I am
Amy King: 4 poems
Harry E Northup:
Listening to Savoy Brown
at the Santa Monica Civic
The ecopoetics of Penn Kemp
A notebook
for the digital age
A holiday shopping guide
Leigh Stein:
Sexism stops
An obscenity trial in Turkey
over The Young Don Juan
Suzanne Stein’s Passenger Ship
Talking with Ursula K Le Guin
Laynie Browne: Practice
Literary snobs: a taxonomy
Free publications from
The Poetic Research Bureau
rob mclennan: 2 from
Glossary of Musical Terms
Mark Ford on Charles Bernstein
Paul Auster’s Report from the Interior
Major Jackson
on 4 recent books of poetry
Rita Dove
& the rise of the
Talking with Jordan Abel
David Rose:
Posthumous Stories
The stories of Frederick Busch
Camden teens
speak through poetry
Book theft in Italy
with a touch of politics
Best Jewish Poetry” of 2013
has a “
10 0f 2013’s
Best Books of Poetry”
list, mostly female
Salon’s list of what to read
in 2013
A trove of Baldwin’s letters
go to Yale
Lit journals & small presses
thrive in
Indie bookstores
defy the future
by refusing to die
Death sentence upheld
for book warehouse killer
Amazon warehouses:
factories of the
21st Century
story-building tool
for film & TV
Amazon cracks down on
monster porn
Canada post to halt
home delivery of mail
When this you see, SAT
One year of writing advice
Who goes public domain in ‘14?
Verbs with thou & thee
You can be busted
overdue books
10 reasons
people hate poetry
Censorship rising
Ned Vizzini has died
Hemingway’s letters
Talking with Alfred Corn
Corn on May Swenson
A little late to the party,
the Catholic Church
recognizes that Mexico
more languages than Spanish
Cook like a writer
5 British poets
to watch in 2014
30 one-sentence lessons from literature
Henry Miller:
11 rules for writing
Schwabsky on Ai Weiwei’s retrospective
is Schwabsky at his best
art, investment & the 1-percent
Book art from China
Modernist kids’ books of the Soviet era
China builds museums
by the thousands
Christopher Wool @ the Guggenheim
Dorothy Cross @ the Turner Contemporary
The many contradictions
of a
Ghetto Biennale
Artforum’s “best of” lists for 2013
Best art books” of 2013
Ten memorable 2013 art moments
Amy Sillman (no second i):
shamanistic yenta
Lynn Behrendt:
Collage #103
photographers of artists
Marina Abramović:
more deadpan than dead
Jess @ Tibor de Nagy
Visiting Melissa Meyer
Art buyers at auctions
can remain anonymous
sez NY court
Recent passings
in the world of art
The multiple realities of art
Making art in the Midwest
PA fire sprinkler manager
wins a
raffled Picasso
Selfies are here to stay
The price tags on the paintings
@ the
Detroit Institute of the Arts
Robert Smithson:
What really spoils Michelangelo’s sculptures
Albert Mobilio on Vivian Maier
Pawel Althamer’s grass-fed surrealism
Process & Phoebe Washburn
A George Zimmerman painting
sells for over
But Ebay bans this
anti-Zimmerman artwork
John Yau on
Richard Van Buren in the 1970s
Robert Wilson going Gaga
Lady Gaga: Artflop
James Wood on Benjamin Britten
Cornelius Eady’s Rough Magic
Keith Richards on Street Fighting Man
Reselling a stolen Stradivarius
Andras Schiff:
Why I don’t perform in Hungary
A great profile of Mark Morris
Shia LeBeouf:
taking appropriation
direct to video
Even LeBeouf’s apologies
are plagiarized
Top Vimeo videos of ought-13
Bjork explains TV
The life of a muse
Jeffrey Escoffier’s classic
American Homo
can be read online
Always a must-read:
The Volta
The actual origins
of the word
destroys creativity
So move to the Catskills
The MOOC @ Black Mountain
UC Press makes out-of-print books
accessible online
How Philadelphia replaced Boston
as the book capital of America: