Friday, February 28, 2014

Women feel less comfortable
in their literary communities
Pussy Riot members re-arrested in Sochi
A profile of Lukáš Tomin
“the René Crevel of post-communist Prague”
Amy King, Tom Pickard
& Julia Bloch
close read Basil Bunting’s
reading of Walt Whitman’s
Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking
Bunting’s Persian Poems
Cedar Sigo on Bob Kaufman
Steve Benson:
Notes on Revision & Evasion
Tyrone Williams,
Thom Donovan & Patrick Durgin
discuss Steve Benson’s
Did the Lights Just Go Out?
Seth Abramson’s
wide-ranging selection of reviews
in HuffPo for the AWP
(full disclosure: I’m included)
Elizabeth Bryant: Residuum
Adam Plunkett on Denise Levertov
Barrett Watten:
Boycott Language & Poetics Diplomacy
(note: these are 3 posts)

Reading Lebanon,
reading the world
If there are no gatekeepers,
readers will have to decide
what they like
Frank X Walker
wins NAACP Image Award
Rolando Hinojosa
& Arte Público
NY Times obit for Maggie Estep
Wanda Coleman’s last laugh
classical literature, original gangster
A terrific blog
focusing mostly
Duncan, Spicer & Blaser
Archive of the Now:
a great resource
for innovative poetry in the UK
iPad uses Robin Williams
to rip off
Walt Whitman
in the name of profit
Don Share:
James Dickey
Share on Maxine Kumin
Poetry & the problems of housing
in California’s East Bay
Wilfred Owen’s early life
Voldemort reads TS Eliot
K Silem Mohammad:
translating Shakespeare into flarf
Flarf in the natural sciences
John Ashbery reads Charles Simic
Divya Victor:
13 ways of looking at
a Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird
Marianne Moore
& her mother
Introducing Samuel R Delany
Talking with Joy Katz
How to attend the AWP
without really going
Earliest use of the word fuck
Gauss PDF:
a catalog of online conceptual poetics
What became of spelling reform?
Talking with Kimiko Hahn
Kurt Vonnegut’s
rejected master’s thesis
from the University of Chicago
Photos of poets by Gerard Malanga
Illustrating Langston Hughes
A report from literary Syria
A reading @ the Poetry Foundation
What every indie author needs to know
about e-books
Some indie bookshops are “buying on consignment”
Books-a-Million closes Fairfield, Ohio store
Harper Lee settles suit
with Alabama museum
Talking with Timothy Liu
Writers are the worst procrastinators
(you knew that, right?)
O, Miami!
A city prepares to confront
the cruelest month
with poetry
Derek Walcott,
poet of the Caribbean
David Biespiel:
in defense of Derek Walcott
Vievee Francis
& the role of place in poetry
Brian Kim Stefans:
Letter to Kristen Stewart
The worst poems by great poets
The Daphne Awards
for 1963
: 50 years
& it’s still all Quietism
The fine line
between art & kitsch
is drawn by Forbes
Richard Brautigan:
Lonely at the Laundromat
Charles Olson as scribe
trained for the kingdom of heaven
Talking with Brian Teare
Aram Saroyan:
goodbye to USC’s
Master of Professional Writing program
Elaine Scarry:
can a lit scholar
thwart nuclear Armageddon?
Umberto Eco on imaginary maps
Rowling’s regrets
Strange bedfellows:
Frank Bidart & James Franco
(subscribers only)
Some poems by Bijan Jalali
How not to get interviewed
for director, creative writing
The endangered art of
movie novelization
Carl Van Vechten’s
celebrity portraits
Barry Schwabsky
on permission to fail
A protest at the Guggie
over labor practices
in Abu Dhabi
A mealy mouthed Guggenheim response
to the Guggenheim response
Georg Baselitz is an ass
& he wants you to know
Germany to comb museums
Nazi-looted art
Talking with Anh Duong
Hudson has died
Barack Obama apologizes
for snarking
on art history
John Yau on Josephine Halvorson
Shia LaBeouf bags it
John Ahearn in the South Bronx
Talking with Jessica Silverman
Postwar art time capsule:
it’s a man’s world
Art & Language:
Artist wins challenge
NSA logo
destroying a building
in order to save it
Paris before Haussmann
Lincoln’s other bedroom
Returning the red to Renoir
Talking with Ryan Cobourn
The photography of Linda McCartney
The Yoko Ono Fan Club
not particularly about Yoko
Robert Mapplethorpe’s early Polaroids
Visionary land painter
Leonard Knight
has died
Pianos & protest
in the Ukraine
After hearing
Henry Cowell

at San Quentin
NY Times
compares Fred Frith & Nels Cline
to brawling geese
Ian McKellen
in NYC in 1969
Philip Seymour Hoffman
funds a prize for playwrights
without even knowing it
 Peter Wong’s reviews
from the San Francisco Independent Film Festival
A sex-positive site
about feminism, disability
& eroticism
From Pakistan to Penn
Early music expert
charged with 15 sexual offenses
Not unlike a prominent Indian editor
5 epic fails
in the FCC’s new
net neutrality plan
Josh Marshall
on quitting the academy