Wednesday, April 02, 2014

 The next
100,000 Poets for Change
event is scheduled
for 27 September 2014
(thinkin’ this # might even be a little low)
Political poets continue to be targeted
Barrett Watten
on poetic diplomacy
3 poems by Ange Mlinko
WCW’s To a Solitary Disciple
Duffy organizes opposition
to prison censorship
Nick Laird’s Go Giants
Rob A Mackenzie
on 20 moments
@ StAnza 2014
Tyrone Williams: Radical Mimesis:
Conceptual Poetics & the African Diaspora

William Burroughs:
the junky genius
Happy birthday,
Gregory Corso!
Another ode to City Lights
Marcus Ewert:
Sleeping with the Beats
Talking with Alice Notley
New poems from
Lori Anderson Moseman
William J Harris on Amiri Baraka
Reading Ko Un in the UK
A change in typeface
could save millions
Mia You
on Dodie Bellamy’s

Cunt Norton
Finnegans Wake in pictures
The Guardian’s first review of Wake
John Lydgate:
An early tagger, Chaucer’s BFF
Jaime Robles
on vispo in London
How would Bloom’s Western Canon
be received today?
Another bookstore
calls it quits
One more indie publisher
snapped up by the corporations
The bureaucratization of creativity
spelled out with pride
What makes a Jewish poet?
Talking with Bas Kwakman
on the place of poetry
Asheville publishers
empower local authors
Is FanFic an actual genre?
Poets with father issues
India’s disappearing
letter writers
Digitizing the Ramayana
Publisher requires authors to
waive “moral rights
Pam Brown’s Home By Dark
Philly poets,
apply to be the
Youth Poet Laureate
Fluffya tawks,
or does it?
Jane Yeh’s The Ninjas
Happy real birthday, Frank O’Hara
John Ashbery’s Quick Question
Where to register for
NaPoWriMo 2014
Remembering John Berryman
Laurie Duggan on Michael Farrell
All the reviews in Jacket2
CS Giscombe on John Keene
The art of publishing:
talking with
James Laughlin
The “lost” school poems of
Douglas Adams & Griff Rhys Jones
3 “great” moments at the NBCC awards
Adichie & Bidart collect NBCC awards
CD Wright’s
One With Others
3 poems by Michael Fried
Suit over bad review
tossed by court
A textual analysis of the
Divergent trilogy
Kafka’s joke book
Scrabble legend
Fiction’s big white problem
Tess Taylor, Gayle Jessup White
& the impact of the net
on both poetry, history
& Thomas Jefferson
Irish poets honor Heaney
Is Detroit the new Brooklyn?
Elizabeth Bishop’s poems
Elizabeth Bishop’s drafts
Decoding the Voynich Manuscript
Vatican to digitize its library
Gabriel Rosenstock
& the place of Irish language poetry
in Ireland
Joshua Cohen on WG Sebald
English majors change the world
Measuring America’s
Shakespeare Jones
The blank verse moo of Wallace Stevens
Stephen Vincent’s
Haptics of poetry readings
John Sarsgard’s terrific
photo gallery of contemporary poets
Text at the Whitney
What’s good @ the Biennial
Faces of the Whitney
The collage art of
Louis Armstrong
Man breaks statue
quest for selfie
John Yau:
Julije Knifer on the cutting edge
& on Slominski’s sculptures of handbags
New work from Jasper Johns
The double-sided spirituality of Chris Ofili
Gary Stephan:
retro moderne
8 new mega-museums
in the
Middle East
Kaja Silverman:
The Miracle of Analogy
Response to Silverman
Susan Silas:
Love in the Ruins
Kara Walker in Oregon
The sculpture of
Peter Buggenhout
Doug Wheeler in Chelsea
Talking with Chris Martin
9 more Rauschenbergs
head to museums
Political lessons from Italian Futurism
A Matisse stolen by the Nazis
is heading home
What becomes
repatriated antiquities?
Flipping” as a practice
for art collectors
Walter Benn Michaels
Owen Kydd
Response to Michaels
Talking with Paul Chan
The artifacts of a “repulsive criminal
The art of Google Books
Carrie Mae Weems
at the Guggenheim
Dems propose resale royalties
for artists
Ai Weiwei responds
to the dropper of the vase
Wendy Whelan departs
NYC Ballet
I am not god
but I am
The last American film from
Orson Welles
Mainstreaming XKCD
On Fred Jameson’s
The Antimonies of Realism
Jameson replies
Gerda Saunders:
My Dementia
Why Columbia’s firing of
2 public intellectuals matters
Carole Vance
then wins major career award
Nations that ban
either Facebook, YouTube or Twitter
(Add the USA
& you pretty much have
the map of nations that use the death penalty)