Monday, April 21, 2014

 Emily Dickinson
pushing the envelope
Poems on surveillance
by Ashbery, Armantrout, Bernstein, King, Pinsky
et al
Talking with Rae Armantrout
Amy King:
I want my poetry & I want to eat too
Charles Bernstein:
The 12 Tribes of Dr. Lacan
Anselm Berrigan’s
serious linebreaks
Stacy Szymaszek on Paul Blackburn
Camille Dungy
on Jake Adam York,
& on poetry & football
Poetry from the catbird seat:
Don Share
Talking with Wayne Koestenbaum
Richard Blanco
& the problem of accessibility

Mahjoub Sharif has died
Nina Cassian has also passed
Adrienne Wadewitz,
Wikipedia editor most responsible
for women authors,
dies at 37
Latin America reacts
to the death of
Gabriel García Márquez
Tributes to Gabo pour in
Michiko Kakutani’s tribute
to Márquez’ writing
Colombia to honor Márquez
Time magazine’s obit
Steve Erickson’s
Song for Márquez
For the legacy of Márquez,
look at his journalism
Bringing poetry
to Sao Paulo’s favelas
Tom Raworth in The Spectator
Raworth in The Guardian
A source for that text?
Stephen Burt
goes for baroque
Ted Hughes’ estate
pulls the curtain shut
Sharon Doubiago on Adrienne Rich
Riggio sells of 3.7M shares of B&N
What’s B&N’s survival plan?
(subscribers only)
Talking with Maaza Mengiste
American poetry in the age of
Printing Wikipedia
would take 1 million pages
Which poet are you?
(I’m Frederick Seidel?!?)
Julie Joosten’s Light Light
US Dept of Education
is gettin’ jiggy
with National Poetry Month
5 books about libraries
So you’ve decided to go to
library school
Pakistani library
named for Bin Laden
This year’s Guggenheim fellows
Joel Lewis on Edwin Markham
15% off poetry @ Powell’s all month
(& a best seller poetry list
that includes 3 books by William Stafford
& books of poems “by” cats & dogs)
Wilson Burgess:
writing in Ulster Scots
Top languages other than English
spoken in the USA, 1980 – 2010
(more Amenian is spoken than Yiddish)
What 21st century works
will still be read
in 100 years
Joseph Ceravolo:
I work in a dreamscape of reality
John Terpstra’s Brilliant Falls
John Updike,
the lad from Shillington High
Roth is still writing letters
Defeat of SOPA
haunts © wars
A Symposium on Contemporary [1993]
Visual Poetry
Robinson Jeffers @ Joshua Tree
Mary Ruefle wins the Creeley Prize
The poetry of Motorola’s TV trays
Getting a head
CK Williams invents the prose poem
Robert Coover
on writing at night
Anne Compton’s Alongside
Mark Roper & Jo Slade
both win
the 2014 Michael Hartnett Poetry Prize
A Bangalore-born poet
wins the Pulitzer
A Sarah Lawrence prof
wins the Pulitzer for poetry
Graywolf Press wins
second Pulitzer for poetry
in 3 years
Vijay Seshadri
in The New Yorker
3 poems
by Seshadri
in Poetry
A new “map” of Dublin
in verse & song
Talking with Alex Cigale
Pound the writing teacher
Spoilers for every
pop-cult & YA novel
A poetry “round-up
Daniel Okrent’s
Heart of the Order: Baseball Poems
The ‘cult of Myles’ gathers
in Dublin
Confessions of a
slang lexicographer
A literary map of the Upper East Side
heavy on the fiction of manners
The dodgy politics
stealing jokes
21 female authors
thinks you should read
Using verse
to come to their
A quarter million artists
have day jobs
Art for Ukraine
As bad at painting
as he was as president
Damien Hirst
signs with Keef’s ghostwriter
for “tell-all” autobiography
Barry Schwabsky on the uses
of history & futurism
John Yau on Leslie Baum
MF Husain’s last paintings
Using an image
to give meaning
drone pilots everywhere
Art professor suspended
over Game of Thrones
Peter Saul as curator
Shanghai opens
the largest private museum
in China
A “performance” at the Guggie
protests working conditions
@ the
Guggenheim Abu Dhabi
Court rejects seizure of art
to pay off
Iranian debt
The realism of Marzie Nejad
Richard Serra’s “towers”
in the Qatari desert
Artists have different brains
guidelines for vandalizing
“our place of business”
Thurston Moore on founding
Sonic Youth
Remembering Robert Ashley
Caterpillars have their own use for song
29 years of Helgi Tomasson
@ SF Ballet
Sergei Filin,
recovering from his acid attack
The poetry of Footloose
Owner gives up fight
to save
forged “Chagall
Paul de Man’s
Joshua Clover:
Occupying the square
as a mode of pop culture
Arundhati Roy:
New world’s a-comin’
Culture can’t replace
foreign policy
Not to be confused with