Monday, April 28, 2014

The widening gender gap
in contemporary American poetry
Camille Rankine:
What We Write About when We Write About
A National Book Award longlist
as if it weren’t reserved
strictly for the big trade presses
Stephen Burt’s spring & all
A real life poetry top ten
From the intro to Ray Johnson’s
Not Nothing
Some reviews of Paper Snake
From Kevin Killian’s “A Ray Johnson Story”
Ray Johnson & snakes
Making Modernism:
Literature & Culture in 20th-C. Chicago
Tim Liu on Brenda Coultas
Talking with Lydia Davis
As has Myanmar poet & democracy advocate
U Win Tin
& Richard Hoggart,
who defended Chatterly
Remembering Bill Knott
A World History
The library that hid its books
A librarian in the Pentagon
Bringing Baldwin
back to the classroom
Searching for Cervantes
rob mclennan wins Ottawa arts award
Twin memorials for
Gabriel García Márquez
Macondo in mourning
Gabo’s guide
to Latin America,
real & surreal
Mexico honors a Colombian writer
as one of its own
An obit note for Gabo
Andrés Neuman’s
Talking to Ourselves
Writing in one’s
other” language
Form is never more
than an extension of
Tony Lopez
Philip Whalen:
Prolegomena to a Study of the Universe
Prose [Out] Takes
The Beyond Baroque
awards 2014,
honoring Bill Mohr & Rick Lupert
A profile of Afaa Michael Weaver
Lola Lemire Tostevin:
What’s in a Name?
Talking with Adrian Harte
Claudia Rankine
wins $50,000 prize
The Caine Prize shortlist
for African writing
The tomb of an ancient writer
Make room for e-books
deals on e-books
Shakespeare the icon
Roland Prevost:
Knack to Promise
NYU’s MFA program:
alums had 50 books in 2013
Talking with Grzegorz Wroblewski
Michael Schmidt’s Present Tense
Charlie Simic
waxes nostalgic over brawling
without naming names
(nostalgic because brawling
suggests that poetry
is strictly male behavior)
“Top 10” writers to see live
Ed Hirsch
on the “soul-making”
activity of poetry
Hirsch’s A Poet’s Glossary
John Donne at the Odeon
Is The Black-Eyed Blonde
a fan fic or merely a ripoff?
How to talk Philly, yo!
Collecting Shakespeare
Blaming the birds on Shakespeare
Hapless o’er haplology
Stephen Emmerson:
Poetry Wholes
Frank O’Hara & the substance of joy
Best. Correction. Ever.
The history of the found object
John Yau on Peter Dreher
Talking with Julian Schnabel
Treasures on Warhol’s floppies
Why remember Valerie Solanas?
Talking with Sarah Lucas
Maya Lin:
Seven Square Inches of Water, 2014
Talking with Josephine Halvorson
What New York really needs --
another art fair
Meeting Duchamp posthumously
Talking with Peter Brant
Banksy street works
to be auctioned
Matt Freedman’s cancer chronicles
Song vs. dance
in Russian ballet
Russian Duma
bans swearing in films
Tarantino loses suit against Gawker:
a link doesn’t violate ©
Sex as a renewable resource:
the philosophical view
FCC caves to Verizon:
internet goes to highest bidder
Thomas Piketty:
To Have and Have Not
Krugman: Why are we in
a new gilded age?
Piketty, the French economist
US liberals “love”
What was socialism?
Sen. Warren
summarizes Piketty:
“trickle down doesn’t work”
Hal Myerson:
Revolt of the Cities
Neoliberalism’s war on democracy