Tuesday, June 10, 2014

25 years after Tienanmen Square
Rachel Blau DuPlessis on Michele Leggott
David McFadden
on trying to carry on as a writer
with Alzheimer’s
A woman reviews Patricia Lockwood
Resisting tropes:
on poetry, masochism &
domestic violence
Martón Koppány
on the 4th international
Text Festival
21st Century poetry written in 1964
by Frank O’Hara
David Trinidad:
10 cherished books

$5M to endow
Yale poetry chair
TC Marshall
Stephen Ratcliffe’s
offstage Hamlet
Marshall on Cole Swensen’s Stele
Remembering Hillary Gravendyk
Melissa Harris-Perry
remembers Maya Angelou
Maya Angelou
was not a fan of
Obama’s education agenda
Maya’s memorial service
Roy Ostling has died
Is it possible to be a
millionaire poet?
John Bloomberg-Rissman on Jessica Smith
Tuesdays @ Dusie
Let’s trademark π
Sarah Lang’s apocalypse
On first reading
Sophia Le Fraga’s
Kenny Goldsmith
on books
that are meant
not to be read
Juliana Spahr:
How reading is taught in school
Rik Mayall wasn’t a poet
tho he played one on TV
Yolanda Wisher:
Monk Eats an Afro
Peter Riley
on Caribbean poets
Orange is the new Bailey’s:
Eimer McBride wins the prize for fiction
Anne Carson & Brenda Hillman
win the Griffin Prize
Kate Schapira
on writing sentences
Local grants for the arts
vary widely
How book publishers
can beat Amazon
Colbert takes on “Bezomort
Time to turn your back on Amazon
The war on Amazon
Big Publishing’s
“1% moment”
Hachette axes staff
amid Amazon dispute
Why is Amazon
bullying book publishers?
How the book biz
gave Amazon the shovel

to dig their own grave
Trying to disrupt
the high price of
academic publishing
Novelists look at Knausgaard
Knausgaard comes to Brooklyn
The Nation
yawns that Knausgaard
is just one big selfie
The Nation praises
Lydia Davis
for creating one big selfie
Geoffrey Hill
on the poem as selfie
A Alvarez’ ex-
reviews his memoir of the divorce
in the LRB
The Song of Ice & Fire
expands to an 8-book “trilogy”
A profile of Charlotte Boulay
Fixing Britain’s “prize culture
4 copy editors killed
in ongoing
AP Style, Chicago Manual
gang violence
The best shots taken
in the
comma wars
Celebrating old school poetics
Michael Peich
rules in West Chester
Allen Bramhall & Jeff Harrison:
critique as discourse,
as collaboration
Poems without titles,
titles without poems
What is lost
with the demise of handwriting
Violet Kupersmith:
The Frangipani Hotel
Why the humanities epidemic should end
Rahul Mehta’s Quarantine
Rethinking Sontag on porn
American Nazis
may be
grammar Nazis
but not
spelling Nazis
Branagh’s Macbeth @ the Armory
George Schneeman:
A painter & his poets
Susan Bee & Mimi Smith
in the Huffington Post
Bee’s Doomed to Win show
The sassy bravado of Susan Bee
Former Islands:
when text & visual artists
Talking with Mika Tajima
Tom Duncan’s constructed past
Ai Weiwei
on withdrawing his work
from a show in Beijing
(scroll down for English)
Van Dyck sketch
goes from Antiques Roadshow
to ₤500,000 auction
Walter Robinson
on the emerging diversity
of the art market
Talking with Margaret Lee
about the rise of
47 Canal
Seeing digital art as art
The street photography of
Garry Winograd
Banksy @ Sotheby’s
Talking with Mark Greenwold
John Avelluto’s
unrelenting emptiness
Goodbye to Language
& just maybe Godard
Jeff Koons comes to 30 Rock
Overstating the impact of Cubism a bit
Courbet’s Origin of the World
& the object of that representation
Bob Abrahamian,
Chicago soul historian,
has committed suicide
Some new music from Michael Stipe
Jason Everman:
from Nirvana & Soundgarden
to Afghanistan
& back
Gentrification & the monoculture
Rebecca Solnit:
changes the story
of the Isla Vista Massacre