Monday, June 02, 2014

Ilham Tohti:
My Ideas & the Career Path I Have Chosen
Tohti’s daughter testifies
before Congress
Natasha Trethewey
concludes her term as PLOTUS
The Dark Room Collective:
where black poetry took wing
Alan Gilbert on Peter Gizzi
My problem with VIDA
Jessica Smith on Susan Howe
Literature is supposed to be
a “
Why we won’t use trigger warnings
Trigger warnings
& the novelist’s mind
On bullying:
Isla Vista,
Seth Abramson
& social media
When your own publisher
repudiates you
Kit Robinson:
5 new poems
Olson @ the repair shop

The McWorkshop gets a MOOC
Lewis Warsh: 4 poems
Poetry Foundation
awards the Ruth Lilly Prize
Nate Mackey
Chris Funkhouser on Mackey
Yvonne Rainer: “She raises her glass…”
Walter Benjamin’s Berlin archives
include radio broadcasts
for children
Charles Bernstein’s Shadowtime
turns 10
Ann Stephenson: 6 poems
This is “rich & radical time”
Australian poetry
erica kaufman: bad habit
Oscar Dystel of Bantam Books
has died
Celebrating René Ricard
Obama mourns Angelou
10 things you didn’t know
What I learned from
Auntie Maya
Angelou’s most memorable moments
Angelou’s life in photos
presuming that her life began at 40
Al Young: Remembering Maya
Count on Fox to go
for the snark
Eileen Myles: Octopus
Dodie Bellamy’s The TV Sutras
Sherman Alexie
keeps the crowd in stitches
Christine De Luca,
Edinburgh’s new Makar
Clive James: saying goodbye
What happens when

Emily Warn on promoting poetry
on social media
Talking with Robert Bringhurst
Cecilia Corrigan’s blonde ambition
55 thoughts for English teachers
Edwin Torres: 6 poems
Leonard Woolf’s
forgotten Sri Lankan novel
Calculating the order
of Wilfred Owens’
Merwin mourns a tree
NYPL surrenders,
cancels “
Central Library Plan
Larry McMurtry:
Lost booksellers of NYC
Howard McCord
reading in Venice
University presses under fire
Bookstores shall survive
Just try to quit Amazon
Eduardo Galleano
The Open Veins of Latin America
10 authors
disowned their books
Writing: a pathology?
Now that Amiri Baraka’s son Ras
is the mayor of Newark
he & Chris Christie get to
deal with each other
Knausgaard’s latest volume
comes into English
Dan Chiasson on Rachel Zucker
(subscribers only)
Harper Lee goes back to court
Kindred Rainbow
on books for kids
about kids
with parents who are gay
Joseph Finder
writes a 7-figure check
to buy his way out
of his genre
YouTube stars get book deals
Language as a “poisoned well”
Here comes the “golden age”
of tech for the
visually impaired
Remembering Marina Keegan
Marcus Slease: train poems
In Novosibirsk,
Pushkin fans ride free
A short reading by
Sueyeun Juliette Lee
Neil Gaiman
visits Syrian refugees in Jordan
chris cheek in the the
Norman Fischer:
the visual poetry of
Phil Whalen, Robert Grenier & Hank Lazer
A “new” poem from César Vallejo
maybe not
(Both articles in Spanish)
Redell Olsen’s Film Poems
The Scottish Poetry Library
is taking 3 big steps forward
Famous Seamus, the app
Some edits from
Hitchhiker’s Guide
find their way into print
West Chester readies
for its annual celebration of
Charlie Simic
Bill Knott & Russell Edson
gets a room of its own
Andrew Motion
gets a write-up in the Guardian
for a website that has
2 one-thousandths of the recordings
of PennSound
Talking with Ron Padgett
Geoffrey Nutter:
Strength of Materials
Tolkien’s Beowulf
Marjorie Perloff on Allen Ginsberg’s
A Supermarket in California
Ben Ehrenreich on WG Sebald
Rebuilding the spine
Richard III
Shakespeare causes
$800M in crop damage
in the US every year
Glyn Maxwell
on how to write
like Glyn Maxwell
(subscribers only)
How much is The worth?
SF’s Intersection
suspends operations,
lays off staff
Fire crews save “most” of art school
Talking with Juan Gaitán
6 artists’ texts
that are defining the new
Why drop vases
Ana Mendieta is available?
Carl Andre emerges from seclusion
Heteronyms & race
come in conflict @ the Whitney
“Ten most influential
contemporary Black artists
Working conditions
at the
Guggenheim Abu Dhabi
are dreadful
“Tally’s” & the postmodern sublime
Minor White:
A new exhibition
Bernard Berenson
& the art of seduction
Oscar Nemon,
Freud’s forgotten sculptor
Lucio Fontana’s proto-technologism
Applications for
subsidized artists’ housing
in East Harlem
is now available
Barry Schwabsky:
Ed Clark & Lynda Bengalis today
Schwabsky on Chris Marker
MoMA as if it mattered
The Met puts
400,000 images online
At CCA, an MFA show
worth seeing
A “false” Van Gogh
is returned to its owners
Famous paintings
made better with cats
Canadian Supreme Court
rules in favor of artists
By paying artists nothing,
we risk severing
the pipeline of talent
Talking with Fujiko Nagaya
Body-shaming women in opera
William Forsythe
moves on from
The Forsythe Dance Company
Macaulay Culkin
booed off stage
Dylan’s “Da Vinci Code”
The Pentagon cannot plan
climate change
but the
Zombie Apocalypse is okay
Wiring the Amazon
Porn Studies, the journal
Fake it until you fake it
(not a typo)
Rebecca Solnit:
Ja, The Recluse
is a thing of beauty