Monday, July 21, 2014

Valerie Macon was briefly the laureate of North Carolina

Thomas Weatherly
& I am appalled
how little is available
online about this poet
Tjanting Bot:
Joe Newlin’s
twitterization of
my poem
Against apocalypse:
Jessica Smith
reviews Revelator
Frank Davey
Against Conceptual Poetry
The Kelly Writers House Fellows
(full disclosure: I was one)
is cited by the Huffington Post
as no. 1 in its list of
The 12
Most Unique College Courses in the US
166 reviews of ModPo
Norman Fischer
on A Mammal of Style
Attempts to save Stevens’ house
for a museum
fall through

Renee Gladman & New Narrative
Reimagining Li Qingzhao
Samuel Beckett’s
Echo’s Bones
Erín Moure:
To Go To Lviv
Sentimental blather about poetry
Stephen Burt
on trans lit for the masses
William Deresiewicz:
how the novel made the modern world
When first books are not first books
Prac Crit:
the journal of practical criticism
Thomas Fink on
Troubling the Line:
Trans and Genderqueer
Poetry and Poetics
Prizes make a book less popular
Typical” fulltime writer
earns ₤11,000 per year
A history of Ulysses
James Longenbach a change
to wax poetic
not just about Joyce
but also Hugh Kenner
How e-reading
threatens learning

in the humanities
Jane Lewty:
Memory & Communicative Space
Lynn Behrendt’s
one-of-a-kind book
How to see the secret blue
Eight questions for Pattie McCarthy
James Franco’s poetry:
“Neither is it entirely bad”
Amanda Nadelberg’s Magic Shuffle
Temple poets
alter Philly’s landscape
The age of erasable books
Copying an e-book
cover to cover
Holy 1950, Batman!
A Faber author
the “&” key!
Neruda abroad
Will Alexander
nominated to be
LA’s poet laureate
3 poems by Laurie Price
Talking with John Ashbery
Seven questions for Eric Baus
Class conflict & diction
in avant-garde poetry
An early effort on poetry & kitsch
Remembering Robert Peters
Frank M Robinson,
sci-fi novelist & aide to Harvey Milk,
has died
As has Jamil Ahmad
Anthony Sampson
Nadine Gordimer
Karl Ove is sad
3 poems by Ken Taylor
7 questions for Camille Martin
Remembering John Newlove
Reading the Rothenberg Reader
Barry Schwabsky on
Paul Violi’s last poems
Virginia Woolf:
A press of one’s own
Text games
in the new world of stories
7 questions for Gil McElroy
David Lehman
on writing to HTML specifications
The Sun Also Rises
with its original first chapter
Nikki Reimer:
I guess it’s time to sign up for Netflix
Obsessed with David Kirby’s salary
David Grossman’s
Falling Out of Time
The book industry’s
most anticipated product
of the autumn
The poetry of Pamela Anderson
In Kansas,
the town that
a library
& the 9-year-old
who did something about it
Newspapers that aren’t dying
Chomsky to Iran:
don’t flog journalists
Singapore to censor
And Tango Makes Three
Cures for writer’s block
Instantly you can be a new writer:
Words that trigger response
When an indie bookstore
tried to
bust its union
E-book pricing heads back to court
Did the Apple court undermine Amazon?
Amazon’s strategy:
blame the publisher
Around the world
fixed book pricing is the norm
tries direct sales
Wattpad acquires Red Room
The 13 most annoying writers
you will ever meet
Kenny G:
© is over
… if you want it
The fallacy of balanced literacy
Noah Eli Gordon
on authenticity
The view from Jack Spicer’s grave
Troy Jollimore
on Jacob Epstein’s
Literary Education
William Logan’s
defense of poetry
or maybe
Amy Lowell’s
31 terms that started
in science-fiction
& where they came from
because Microsoft Word
isn’t tuff enuff
Dan Chiasson’s childhood
Narrow Roads to the Far North
(subscribers only)
Ten best “dirty romance” novels
How to narrativize
history of the novel
Burt Kimmelman
goes to Antwerp
part I) (part II)
John Lithgow
on King Lear & lunch
Darwin’s library on the Beagle
has influenced
a generation of writers
Talking with Carol Muske-Dukes
Rodney Eastman is Creeley Dorn!
Talking with Tony Tost
Talking with Larry McMurtry
Yet another instance
of Willie the Shake’s
class anxiety
tho not as impressive as
The Sonnets
Talking with Bill Ayers
on the
erosion of tenure
The Economist:
The “creative destruction
higher education
Steve Dalachinsky
Charlemagne Palestine
The Crossing choir
decodes the unknown
A demographic breakdown of
the world’s “top 200” art collectors
Secrets of the creative brain
Talking with Dan Graham
Karen Finley’s
Artists Anonymous
Carla Accardi has died
Auctioning looted art for a profit
Emily Hunt:
drawings as notes
Trisha Low on Ray Johnson
Israel denies travel visa
for Palestinian artist
to attend his art show in NYC
The ABC’s of Sol Lewitt
Talking with Eric Fischl
Marilyn Monroe in Poland
The birth & education
of Judy Chicago
Rubber ducky
swept away in flood
Talking with Rob Storr
about US embassy art
Damien Hirst
seeking to destroy
an early work
Getting stuck
in a
giant stone vagina
Or paddling away
in a vagina kayak
Why art world rather than, say, industry?
Beautiful renditions
of ugly realities
Remembering Janet Collins
John Yau on Flotsam Jetsam
by Patty Chang & David Kelley
Tom Tierney,
who made paper dolls,
has died
As has Otto Piene
The real threat to indie film
John le Carré
Philip Seymour Hoffman
George Lucas
& the
Museum of Narrative Art
The Big Hum
Paul Horn has died
Why critical thinking is necessary
The uses of being wrong
Milton, Locke
& net neutrality
What some faculty
think of
non-academic careers

(i.e. work in the “real” world)
The search for a second
ancient Greek computer
(subscribers only)
A typo in the
Declaration of Independence
(now about that comma
in the
Second Amendment…)
What’s so funny?
The science of laughter