Monday, September 01, 2014

Gregory Orr
on killing as a child
Stephen Ratcliffe’s Selected Days
has been awarded
The Poetry Center Book Award
The Poetry Center Book Award
has a better track record
than any of the “major” prizes
Robert Kelly:
An Alchemical Journal
Tyrone Williams on Fred Moten
Susan  Briante:
Notes Toward a Poetics of the Dow
Thomas Devaney’s rear window
What is serious?
Give a poet a chance to talk with Barack Obama
& what does he talk about?
His clothes!
Compulsive versifying
after amnesia

Martin Amis’ “holocaust comedy”
fails to find German publisher
The Difficulties
is now available online
Roald Dalh’s factory secrets
Talking with Georges Perec
in English
The problem of awards
(from a perspective
that only looks
at the most conservative prizes)
Several free issues of
Poets & Artists
A poet’s tattoo
demands Iceland’s
interior minister’s
Infinite Jest
told in Legos
Patrick Durgin
on Ed Ruscha & Tan Lin
Leave Harper Lee be
An intimate look
at an
unwilling subject
Marja Mills
talks about Lee on C-SPAN
Gaza: Poetry after Auschwitz
NEA fellowships
in literary translation
If a monkey takes a selfie,
who owns ©?
Ashbery @ 87
Atwood blasts Harper
over audit of PEN Canada
Orwell family
blasts Amazon doublespeak
When will the Justice Dept
take on Amazon?
Mónica de la Torre:
Oulipo, code, ekphrasis
Winifred Dawson,
Larkin’s muse,
has died
Simin Behbahani has died
Daniel Kane on
whimsy in the avant-garde
Talking with Robert Polito
Gareth Farmer’s
Diurnal Sweigh
Ten US presses
that are better than
any of the big trades
Amy King:
I want my poetry
& I want to eat too
ModPo partners with NYPL
An Irish view of ModPo
Weird Al’s own
Word Crime
Neil Gaiman:
why I’m scared of stories
Talking with Grzegorz Wróblewski
WWI: the war that inspired
innovative art
The lost poetry of WWI
The slam poetry of
Omar Musa
getting noticed beyond
just the Malaysian-Australian scene
Ginsberg answers a  version of
the Proust questionnaire
Are “fake memoirs” untrustworthy?
Yaddo becomes a “landmark”
Aesthetic inequality & political seriousness
Ray Johnson: art in motion
Albert Mobilio on Johnson
Poetry is dead
as a % of all articles in
the New York Times
(really dead in the 1860s!)
Can conceptual art be emotional?
Talking with
John Paul Fiorentino
language of fabric
Talking with Amanda Earl
Rattle gets topical
21 books that changed
sci-fi & fantasy
(19 guys & no Philip K Dick?)
China censors
news of the toad
12 or 20 questions
Steven Seidenberg
A profile of Jason Christie
William Logan says what he thinks
Talking with Monty Reid
A novel about
people tweeting
writing their novels
Americans nominated
for the Booker
Edging the Commonwealth
out of the Booker
The Booker:
it’s all about the publishers
How to win the Yale Younger Poets
The New Yorker
has unlocked its archives
for the remainder
of the summer,
the fiction
Thinking of Sylvia Plath
& the nature of suicide
Don DeLillo & the
triumph of solitude
Meanwhile, on Normal Avenue
Previously unpublished
Elmore Leonard stories
due in 2015
Making a living
National Poetry Day in New Zealand
LitCrit from Plato to Pomo
(subscribers only)
Where are the women
African non-fiction?
Talking with Clive Philpott
Detroit goes to Chelsea
Why I yelled
at Kara Walker’s sphinx
Jasper Johns’ assistant
admits to stealing art
Elaine Navas’ tribute to Roberto Chabet
Homer Simpson
@ Boston’s MFA
Just how hostile to new music
is the BBC?
Greil Marcus:
The History of Rock ‘n’ Roll
in 10 Songs
In Pakistan,
serious journalism is suicidal
The return of Karl Polanyi
World Picture 9
is worth every word