Friday, October 17, 2014

Lorine Niedecker
& the Obstinacy of the Particular
HD’s imagism
Talking with Patricia Lockwood
Alt-lit is dead,
burn the corpses
Hipster scene” falls apart
Sexism & sexual assault
in the writing world
Elizabeth Ellen’s
letter to the Internet
Kirk Nesset
charged with child porn
YouTube’s “creep problem”
Talking with Erin Belieu
Gender genre
Hazel White
on sonnets & rage
Anthony McCann’s Thing Music
Tao Lin interviews Ben Lerner
Fresh Air:
a rave review for Lerner’s new novel
High Muck a Muck
A collective interactive text
Graham Foust:
Jane Joritz-Nakagawa
talking with
Jennifer Bartlett
Compassion in Po-Biz
Gary Barwin:
the hotel of language
Talking with Gina Myers
Cole Swensen:
from On Walking On
A Don Share master class
Talking with Don Share
Sir Andrew Motion’s
How to be a poet
in ten easy steps
Hanif Kureishi:
creative writing courses
are “a waste of time”
Nobel judge:
creative writing courses
are killing literature
Creative writing courses
aren’t killing literature --
sanctimonious rich white tossers are
“Get a real degree
How to win the Nobel Prize
Modiano: a modern Proust
Flanagan wins the Mann
Kei Miller wins the Forward
2 poems by Wendy Xu
Yale acquires the papers of
Charles Bernstein
Jason Christie:
poetry and horses and shit
The world’s most awesome library
The poetry of non-poetry
Publishing in 1991 & 2014
The seizure meds
that will make you a poet
Bridgette Bates:
from What is Not Missing is Light
Benjamin Franklin’s
200 synonyms for “drunk”
Poe immortalized
in the city of
How bookstores survive
in the
age of Amazon
Literary lions
unite to fight Amazon
L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E Lines
from The Line in Postmodern Poetry
Il Groupo responds
ModPo reaches
tens of thousands readers
Morocco in the 1950s:
Burroughs, Bowles & boys
Talking little magazines
David Rose
A site devoted to
University of Alaska
targets AQR for cuts
The history of English in one chart
How English became
the language of science
Luis Rodriguez
is LA’s new poet laureate
Charles Wright:
“an old man’s poetry”
Johanna Skibsrud:
The real is that
which always comes back
to the same place
One giant paragraph
Christian Bök’s 2,000+ tweets
Clive James
embarrassed not to be dead
picturing language
Letters of the
New American” poets
Cesar Vallejo’s Trilce
translated by Clayton Eshleman
Waiting for Stephen Fry
Martin Harrison has died
saves the world
Poetry’s “Hot 100
2 poems by James Franco
A poem for James Franco
Zadie Smith:
Find your beach
GC Waldrep:
Indian Pipe
Ebola is
the Scarriet of Scarriets
Bill Murray’s addiction to poetry
New book  by Dylan
sells for $200
Green Integer
is making PDFs
La Bas
available for free
(scroll to bottom of page)
Should literature be considered useful?
What to read next?
Joshua Marie Wilkinson:
Poem for Laynie Browne
Talking with Daniel Nadler
John Bennett
publishes a rave review
John Bennett
Zane files for bankruptcy
as her book
becomes a movie
Jeannine Hall Gailey
does an art walk
Maya Lin
wins the Gish Prize
Jed Perl’s
Art in America 1945 – 70
Anselm Kiefer:
art is not entertainment
How Arman
opened the door
for assemblage
Ray K Metzker has died
Why Camille Henrot
envies painters
The history of cave painting
way beyond Europe
The paintings of
David Lynch
Frank Gehry
on labor at
the Guggie Abu Dhabi
5 rules for kinda viewing art
John Baldesarri:
unforgivingly humorous
Photo show in Chelsea
attacked by neo-Nazis
Paul Yore
acquitted of pornography
in Australia
Graffiti removal guy
becomes the graffiti
bell hooks:
not a fan of twerking
Steven Salaita:
University of Illinois censorship
ruined my academic career
Self-plagiarizing Slavoj Žižek
CEOs should read philosophy
Talking with Rosi Braidotti
about speculative realism
Business elites
are waging
a brutal class war,
sez Noam