Wednesday, October 25, 2017

My nephew, Luke, turns 18 today. His plan in life is to become a filmmaker. This past August, he spent most of the month at our house and we got to go together to Manhattan, to Philly and to DC -- watching him explore is itself an education, and a good operational definition for me of the meaning of happiness.

Luke had just started at Columbia College in Chicago this month when he fell from a bridge, a 30-foot drop, breaking his leg, hip and pelvis as well as cracking his spine. He has a long, hard recovery ahead of him. He's a great, brilliant kid and strong enough to do everything he will need to do, but in the nation of capitalist healthcare with just out-of-state Medicaid, he needs all the support he can get just to make it through the basics of recovery the next few months. More details on his sister's GoFundMe page, raising funds to help him stay in school as he heels. Anything you can do will be appreciated!!