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Ammiel Alcalay

PoemTalk #43, Discussing John Wieners' "The Acts of Youth", feat. Ammiel Alcalay, Gary Barwin, and Danny Snelson

Listen to the complete recording and read program notes at Jacket2.

Talk with Benjamin Hollander on Translation and Poetic Identity in the Age of Identity Politics, Bard College, November 18, 2013

  1. Poetic imagination and politics (6:29): MP3
  2. Monolingualism in American literary culture, the need for a multilingual consciousness, and language as alien (6:40): MP3
  3. Ben Hollander reading "Clear, Concise, Correct: A Drama" (5:14): MP3
  4. English as a second language and as a sovereign language (2:41): MP3
  5. On In the House Un-American (2:36): MP3
  6. On language and reimagination, our index of imagery, and writing for a non-American audience (5:40): MP3
  7. On the way image-makers respond to crisis, the lack of preparedness, and friendships as a frontline against propoganda (7:04): MP3
  8. The normalizing of difference (2:46): MP3
  9. Physicality in relation to the modalities by which public discourses are created (8:09): MP3
  10. The projection of the image and the nexus between art, imagination, and magic (5:56): MP3
  11. Language that stretches across cultural boundaries (2:40): MP3
  12. Multiplicity as permissible and the domestication of fantasy (8:13): MP3
  13. Sameness and difference in relation to writing and translation (7:29): MP3
  14. Poetic thinking as being in between events and translation as cultural invention (4:19): MP3
  15. On From the Warring Factions and how the work of translators is absorbed by other writers (5:45): MP3
  16. On difference and transmission (6:07): MP3
  17. On allegiance and community (5:19): MP3
  18. On cultural multiplicity (6:47): MP3
Complete recording (1:40:05): MP3

Special Views of History, Reading with Benjamin Hollander, Bard College, November 18, 2013

Complete reading (1:50:25): MP3

Reading at Jerome Rothenberg's 80th Birthday Tribute, CUNY Graduate Center, New York City, December 9, 2011

Complete video (1:02:23): MP4

Appearing on Cross Cultural Poetics, hosted by Leonard Schwartz

Episode #240: Around Town, November 10, 2011

Ammiel Alcalay and Ana Bozičević talk about Diane Di Prima, H.D., Jack Spicer, and their Lost and Found Series of chapbooks on The New American Poetry, based at CUNY.

  • Complete recording (28:54): MP3

Reading at the Kelly Writers House, Philadelphia, November 17, 2010

  1. Introduction (7:57): MP3
  2. Translation of Horace (3:26): MP3
  3. Translation of Pardi (1:00): MP3
  4. Translation of Pavese (0:42): MP3
  5. Politics (1:47): MP3
  6. Martyr's Resting Place (0:46): MP3
  7. From "Nine Alexandrians" (1:14): MP3
  8. "Prologue" from Scrapmetal(8:43): MP3
  9. Old Poem and Commentary (4:31): MP3
  10. The Harbor (0:41): MP3
  11. End of Scrapmetal(3:12): MP3
  12. From "Islanders" (11:07): MP3
  13. On categorization (2:06): MP3
  14. On translation (1:00): MP3
  15. On meaning (4:58): MP3
  16. On rhythm (2:14): MP3
  17. On location (2:33): MP3
  18. On confrontation (3:14): MP3

Complete recording (1:01:54): MP3

Complete video (1:01:53): MP4

"Prologue" from Scrapmetal (8:30): MP4

Appearing on Cross-Cultural Poetics, hosted by Leonard Schwartz

Episode #200: Conflict after Conflict, November 12, 2009

Ammiel Alcalay reflects on the personal background to his classic After Jews and Arabs: Remapping Levantine Culture (University of Minnesota Press).

Complete recording (28:15): MP3

Appearing at Advancing Feminist Poetics and Activism, sponsored by the Belladonna* Reading Series, New York City, September 24, 2009

Complete recording (1:06:55): MP3

Complete video (1:06:55): MP4

Reading at Cornell University, November 2002

Reading at UC San Diego, 2001

Un-American Poetry: Conversation with Murat Nemet-Nejat, Ben Hollander, and Ammiel Alcalay, Kelly Writers House, March 22, 2001

Ammiel Alcalay reading (15:54): MP3

Complete reading (33:00): MP3

Segue Series Reading at Double Happiness, January 8, 2000

  1. Introduction (2:20): MP3
  2. Charles River (1:13): MP3
  3. After Ibn Hazm (1:29): MP3
  4. Morisco's Song (1:58): MP3
  5. The Quill's Embroidery (0:55): MP3
  6. Highway Song (0:18): MP3
  7. In Memoriam, La Cuizza 30 September 1916 (1:07): MP3
  8. From the Warring Factions I, Old Bridge (8:04): MP3
  9. From the Warring Factions II, No Place Not Rome (8:11): MP3
  10. From the Warring Factions III, Migration Ajira (7:07): MP3
  • Complete recording (32:40): MP3

Segue Series Reading at the Ear Inn, April 26, 1999

  • Complete recording (38:48): MP3

On PhillyTalks Episode #5, with Tom Mandel, February 18, 1998

  • Introduction (2:41): MP3
  • Discussion (35:23): MP3

  • Alcalay readings:
  • Untitled (4:34): MP3
  • Excerpts from The Cairo Notebook (1:24): MP3
  • Alcalay reads Abdullah Sidran's "Those Who Pass" (2:58): MP3
  • Understanding Revolution, Section 6 (2:20): MP3

  • Complete recording (1:38:18): MP3

  • Wednesday Series: Ammiel Alcalay and Julia Kunina, St. Mark’s Church, NY, January 14, 1998

    Recorded on audiocassette. Recording hosted by the Library of Congress.

    1. Side A (48:49): link
    2. Side B (48:21): link

    Reading at the Ear Inn, April 26, 1997

    • Complete recording (39:25): MP3

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