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Stephen Collis

Performing "Yes I Do Want to Punch," March 14, 2021

Third Annual Convergence on Poetics, University of Washington Bothell, North Creek Events Center, September 25-27, 2014

THINKING LIVENESS PANEL II: Ronaldo Wilson, Stephen Collis, Joe Milutis

  • Jeanne Heuving and Gregory Laynor, Introductions (2:05): MP3
  • Stephen Collis (18:13): MP3
  • Ronaldo Wilson (22:18): MP3
  • Joe Milutis (20:51): MP3
  • Q&A With Panelists (21:38): MP3

Cascadian Poetics Panel: Innovations from Here, Cascadia Poetry Festival, May 3, 2014

Hosted by Nadine Maestas. With Jeanne Heuving, Joanne Kyger), and George Stanley

  1. Introduction (4:50): MP3
  2. On Cascadia (10:35): MP3
  3. On irony (0:34): MP3
  4. On identity (0:54): MP3
  5. On the political and personal (2:12): MP3
  6. On responsibility (0:49): MP3

Complete recording (1:12:11): MP3

Appearing at North Of Invention: A Canadian Poetry Festival, Kelly Writers House, January 20-21, 2011

January 20, 2011

  • Complete presentation (52:06): MP3

Media.SAS direct link: MP4

January 21, 2011

  • Complete reading (23:45): MP3

Media.SAS direct link: MP4

Talk and Q & A, Vancouver, September 2010

  • Complete recording (1:17:21): MP3

Reading at The Kootenay School of Writing, Vancouver, 2008

Positions Colloquium on August 21, 2008 (19:37): MP3

Reading at The Kootenay School of Writing, Vancouver, 2007

Reading on April 13, 2007 (24:39): MP3

Appearing on Cross Cultural Poetics, Episode #67: Evolution & Other Mines, 2005

  • Complete recording (28:31): MP3

Also of interest

A discussion of Fred Wah's "Between You and Me There is an I" for ModPo: YouTube Link

Short Range Poetic Device, a four part radio show co-hosted by Stephen Collis

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