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Dubravka Djurić

Photos © 2007 Charles Bernstein/PennSound

Close Listening Conversation with Charles Bernstein, July 26, 2019, Belgrade (45'): MP3

Close Listening: Private Edition #1, April 29, 2007, New York

  1. REMEĆENJE: MP3; Serbo-Croatian text and translation
  2. iz zbirke KLOPKE: MP3; Serbo-Croatian text and translation
  3. Naše ideologije: MP3
  5. Umetnost, telo, tehnologija: MP3
  6. Tragam za kritičarkom: MP3
  7. Tvoje su oči nanele mulj : MP3
  8. Muza me danas opseda i ja ne: MP3
  9. Maria Grazia želi da sedne za Rilkeov sto/stol: MP3
  10. Ono scaronto je počelo kao incident: MP3
  11. Kao da je da: MP3
  12. Bavim se sobom: MP3

Recorded by Charles Bernstein.

From Charles Bernstein's Portraits Series: Dubravka Djuric, April 29, 2007

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Dubravka's Caravan
Dubravka was visiting from Belgrade. Just after we taped the Close Listening shows, I asked her about the feminist, non-national caravan through the traumatized lands of the former Yugoslavia.
(mp4, 3 min. 29 sec., 32.9 mb)

Reading of Priroda Meseca

Complete reading (23:44): MP3

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