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Loss Pequeño Glazier

Appearing with Kenneth Sherwood on LINEbreak, Buffalo, 1995

  1. The difference between poetry on- and offline (01:44): MP3
  2. On reading poetry online (01:12): MP3
  3. On hypertext (05:56): MP3
  4. On the EPC and collaboration (01:55): MP3
  5. Ken Sherwood reads “Traction” (03:06): MP3
  6. Nonlinearity and continuity with earlier traditions (01:45): MP3
  7. The potential of putting sound files on the net (02:09): MP3
  8. On the selectiveness of EPC and Rif/t (02:46): MP3
  9. Loss Pequeño Glazier reads: “How I was Attila in a past life” (01:58): MP3
  10. Loss Pequeño Glazier reads: “Mendum” (02:02): MP3
  11. Loss Pequeño Glazier reads: “The Parts” (02:19): MP3
  • Complete program (29:16): MP3

EPC@20 Celebration, September 11-12, 2014

"Making Not-Moth" Talk (Intro by Laura Shackelford)

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Audio Recording (42:44): MP3

  • Bernstein, Glazier, Krick, Shackelford, Snelson: Jack Krick Presentation
  • Reading/Performance

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    Audio Recording (28:11): MP3

    Speaking with Charles Bernstein on Robert Creeley, SUNY-Buffalo, April 20, 2012

    From Charles Bernstein's Portraits Series: Loss & Beans. June 26, 2006

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    Loss Peqeuño Glazier
    I was back in Buffalo and at one my favorite spots, Ted's Red Hots (the one on Niagara Falls Boulevard). We got to talking about Cuba, which we had visited, together with  Ernesto Livon-Grosman, Johanna Drucker, and Brad Freeman, in January 2003. Loss met his future wife on that trip. I asked him what he liked to eat in Havana.
    (mp4, 1 min., 7.4 mb)

    MLA Offsite reading, Four Seasons Hotel, Washington D.C., December 27, 1996

    • Windows 95 (5:28): MP3
    • Ole/ Embedded Object (2:05): MP3

    Reading at SUNY-Buffalo, February 12, 1992

    1. From which center radiates arms and legs (00:29): MP3
    2. Guess who’s comatosed for dinner? (02:16): MP3
    3. Your sunbath in the window (00:25): MP3
    4. Sequence (03:51): MP3
    5. Tercet (02:53): MP3
    • Complete reading (10:56): MP3

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