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George Kuchar

Photo: Charles Bernstein/PennSound © 2009

Close Listening - readings and conversations at ArtOnAir

Recorded in Provincetown, Mass. on August 13, 2009

Program #1:

George Kuchar in conversation with Charles Bernstein (28:59): MP3

transcript in The Journal of Poetics Research

Program #2:

  • Cans and Cassettes (c. 2006) & The Movie Factory (c. 2008) (34:56): MP3

Program #3:

  • Kuchar reads:
  •     Letter to Bob Cowan (c. 2002)
  •     Tribute to Curt MacDowell (2008)
  •     French Fried (on French films) (2007)
  •     AncesTree (2009)
  •     & two recent letters of recommendation
  • Complete Recording (27:06): MP3

The Sins of the Fleshapoids by Mike Kuchar, 1965

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The Secret of Wendel Samson by Mike Kuchar, 1966

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Hold Me While I'm Naked, 1966

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The Craven Sluck, by Mike Kuchar, 1967

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Eclipse of the Sun Virgin, 1967

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Pagan Rhapsody, 1970

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I, an Actress, 1977

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Wild Night in El Reno, 1977

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Forever and Always, 1978

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The Mongreloid, 1978

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The Kiss of Frankenstein, 2003

by Kuchar and his graduate tutorial class at San Francisco Art Institute

complete script online at PEPC

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Meet the Kuchar Brothers: Anthology Film Archives honors George and Mike Kuchar, 2005

DVD Produced by Jeffrey Perkins with Anthology Film Archives. Camera by Jeffrey Perkins. Edited by Marc Vives. Assistance by Taz Morgan.

The Party

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Interview with Andrew Lampert

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SF/LA Diary, a video by Andrew Lampert, 2006

An edited in-camera account of a West Coast foray featuring: American flags in Bruce Conner’s window; Stephen Parr’s story of undersized sex; George Kuchar shooting the classroom epic WEB OF VICE, employing techniques developed while still a teenager; the back of Steve Polta’s head; a glimpse of Jeff Lambert; Tosh Berman, co-star of TARZAN AND JANE REGAINED…SORT OF, contemplating his status as Warhol’s youngest Superstar; plus, sitting around, and stuff.

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Garden of Goodies, 2006

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I, of the Cyclops, 2006

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A poem is read and emotions are unleashed. A book is signed and pets pampered as this tour of talented talkers weaves its way through Provincetown and New Jersey (with aturbulent exit in Manhattan). Enjoy the leisurely portraits and view young and old as they chew the fat in cozy habitats. Featuring, among others, Charles Bernstein, Susan Bee, Mimi Gross, John Waters, and Robert Breer, and a soupçon of melodrama to stir things up.

Temple of Torment, 2006

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From Charles Bernstein's Portraits Series: George Learns a Lesson (The Hard Way), August 11, 2007

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George Kuchar
George came down the hill from Mimi's to the Race Road place, where last summer he filmed Susan painting and my reading from Girly Man. Last night at dinner, George was saying how much he was influenced by Tennessee Williams, which you can see more in his screenplays than in his films. He said he had once met Williams in a pool locker room, and that Williams had greeted him, possibly mistaking George for someone else. But George didn't realize who he was till just after he left.
(mp4, 28 seconds, 20.8 mb)

Coven of the Heathenites, 2008

"This remarkable sequence in George Kuchar’s 2008 video diary, Coven of the Heathenites, combines two visionary aesthetic strategies –– Felix Bernstein’s inspired reading of Ann Blyth’s 'With this money I can get away' rant in Mildred Pierce, and Kuchar's equally inspired decision to use it over spectacular footage of Provincetown’s Gay Pride parade. The hallucinatory result makes Coven one of Kuchar’s most memorable works.” – from Tarnished Angel: The Diaries of George Kuchar by Gene Youngblood, author of Expanded Cinema.
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Nibbles, 2009

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Interview with Felix Bernstein in New York, April 2010

PennSound archival link here (to come).

Zealots of the Zinc Zone, 2010

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Webtide, August 2010

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The documentary about the Kuchar Brothers, They Came from Kuchar by Jennifer Kroot on Netflix.

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