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Zhimin Li

photo ©2009 Charles Bernstein/PennSound

MLA Offsite Reading, Philadelphia, January 6, 2017

  • Complete reading (6:03): MP3
  • Reading at the Kelly Writers House, October 25, 2016

    hosted by Charles Bernstein

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    Complete audio (50:27): MP3

    Chinese American Association for Poetry and Poetics Conference, Central China Normal University - Wuhan, China. June 8, 2013.

    • A Promise (05:42): MP3

    From Charles Bernstein's Portraits Series: Li: The Snow of Yesteryear, February 8, 2009

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    Li Zhimin
    Zhimin had come to Penn to give a talk on Chinese poetry and to read is own poems. A few days later he visited use on 92nd.
    (mp4, 1 min., 22.4 mb)

    Writers Without Borders Reading at the Kelly Writers House, February 4, 2009

    • Complete reading (1:39:45): MP3
    1. Introduction by Jessica Lowenthal (2:32): MP3
    2. Introduction by Charles Bernstein (7:13): MP3
    3. Live in Light of Love, to Emma (3:19): MP3
    4. Contrast (1:07): MP3
    5. A Soul (1:08): MP3
    6. Non-Presence I (3:07): MP3
    7. Non-Presence II (4:37): MP3
    8. Non-Presence III (2:44): MP3
    9. Non-Presence IV (1:44): MP3
    10. Non-Presence V (2:06): MP3
    11. Non-Presence VI (2:07): MP3
    12. Non-Presence VII (2:50): MP3
    13. Non-Presence VIII (0:58): MP3
    14. Non-Presence IX (2:00): MP3
    15. Non-Presence X (1:54): MP3
    16. Non-Presence XI (1:16): MP3
    17. Non-Presence XII (2:09): MP3
    18. Non-Presence XIII (2:11): MP3
    19. Non-Presence XIV (2:07): MP3
    20. She (3:48): MP3

    Lecture on New Chinese Poetry:

    The Origin and the Development from the Prespective of Cultural Exchanges Between China and the West (46:29): MP3
    text of the lecture, published in International Literary Quarterly


    Matt Turner on Zhonglish at Jacket2
    Li on Charles Bernstein's Pitch of Poetry: here

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