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Donato Mancini

PoemTalk #128, Discussing Sueyeun Juliette Lee's Perfect Villagers, feat. Sawako Nakayasu, Donato Mancini, and Gabriel Ojeda-Sague

Listen to the complete recording and read program notes for the episode at Jacket2.

Reading from the "fatrasies" of Philippe de Beaumanoir and the "fatras" of Watriquet de Couvin, Baltimore, MD, October 20, 2018

Translated by Donato Mancini, and Ted Byrne; co-reader Cecily Iddings; curator Aditya Bahl

Complete reading (31:36): MP3

Reading at Wexler Studio, Kelly Writers House, August 13, 2018

  1. Suppose a sentence (0:23): MP3
  2. Buy my buy high. (0:23): MP3
  3. Perhaps I was not (0:26): MP3
  4. ium writing ths pome so i dont start (0:37): MP3
  5. prevent emergency tours, and (0:36): MP3
  6. be bit-map be tie-dye (0:30): MP3
  7. inside of an inside joke, the (0:42): MP3
  8. Full of misspellings and (0:39): MP3
  9. paper curls @ the abdomen (0:31): MP3
  10. a kind in glass and a cousin (0:33): MP3
  11. Love is so. Thrived. (0:29): MP3
  12. "Respectfully," yes (0:39): MP3
  13. Now the spolier has come: does it care? (0:34): MP3
  14. The first gateway endlessly repeated (0:34): MP3
  15. Political man must learn (0:40): MP3
  16. Like begins as a liquid (0:50): MP3
  17. The nervous system of a tomato plant (0:42): MP3
  18. The novel hurled to the ground breaks into verse (0:45): MP3
  19. skiff scudding past centuries (0:36): MP3
  20. bitter generic (0:49): MP3
  21. As if to see (0:31): MP3
  22. a pudding band of highway (0:30): MP3
  23. january made from table salt (0:35): MP3
  24. a wine-red glow in the shallows (0:31): MP3
  25. Madness, frenzy, agony, and despair. (0:45): MP3

Reading at Bridgestreet Books, Washington, D.C., May 13, 2018

Full recording (36:56): MP3

Reading and Lecture on his own work at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland, May 5, 2018

Full recording (1:06:24): MP3

Reading at Wexler Studio, Kelly Writers House, February 19, 2018

from Same Diff (2017)

  1. "you aren't going to like what i have to say" (0:58): MP3
  2. Self-Sufficient (3:37): MP3
  3. Snowline (4:44): MP3
  4. Langue Analog (1:29): MP3
  5. "day out, born old" (2:51): MP3
  6. Whales, Candlelight and Stuff Like That (5:59): MP3
  7. Where do you feel? (7:39): MP3

Complete reading (27:37): MP3

Closing reading for the 2017 Writer-in-Residency at the University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario, Canada, December 4, 2017

  • Complete reading (31:14): MP3

Reading for the Simon Fraser Office for Community Engagement, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver BC, October 3, 2017

With Ted Byrne and guests Danielle LaFrance and Jacqueline Turner

A Flea the Size of Paris: The Fatras (1:41:57): MP3

Inaugural reading for the 2017 Writer-in-Residency at the University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario, Canada, September 27, 2017

  • Complete reading (54:06): MP3

Recorded at home by the poet in Vancouver BC, April 2016

from Buffet World (2011)

  • Fun Facts About Investments and Securities (1:26): MP3
  • If This Ever Really Happens (0:39): MP3
  • TDCJ Reel (4:09): MP3
  • Hot Peace (6:07): MP3
  • Fun Facts (0:53): MP3
  • from Loitersack (2014)

  • Biwrixle (2:31): MP3
  • Indexical Signature (2:11): MP3
  • Every Word Was Once A Poem (0:31): MP3
  • Whisper Sweet Notations (4:39): MP3
  • Introspective Data (23:25): MP3

Reading in Vancouver BC, May 2015

from Buffet World (2011)

  • If Violence (Hey You) (9:06): MP3
  • Remote Shack (2:57): MP3
  • from Ligatures (2005)

  • Ligature (11:20): MP3

Engineered by Trish Klein.

Rent Assembly at The Kootenay School of Writing, May 25, 2013

Opening Remarks with Danielle Aiello, Nathan Crompton, Donato Mancini, and Maria Wallstam (22:01): MP3

Short Range Poetic Device, 2016

Poetry and Poetics Streaming Against the Totality

Each show hosted a number of Vancouver poets, nearly all of whom were involved in anti-Olympic activities of one sort or another. The poets read from their work and discussed the role of poetry in contemporary struggles, the politics of poetic form, protest genres and both political and literary “tactics.”

Episode #1: with Donato Mancini, February 16, 2010 (1:04:20): MP3

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