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Peter Middleton

Close Listening: reading and conversation, October 21, 2003

  1. First Thought (0:55): MP3
  2. Epigraph from Edward L. Bernays (Tell Me About It) (1:11): MP3
  3. Put Yourself in Their Place (Tell Me About It) (1:06): MP3
  4. Another Dispatch (Tell Me About It) (1:18): MP3
  5. Escapist Western (Tell Me About It) (1:10): MP3
  6. Poetry For Dummies (Tell Me About It) (1:00): MP3
  7. The Unsayable (Tell Me About It) (1:19): MP3
  8. Finding a Voice (Tell Me About It) (1:06): MP3
  9. Blaming The Sixties (Tell Me About It) (1:07): MP3
  10. Deep Time (Tell Me About It) (1:04): MP3
  11. Sonnet and a Half for Ted Berrigan (Tell Me About It) (1:22): MP3
  12. The Enterprise (Tell Me About It) (1:12): MP3
  13. Next Gen- part 9- Online enchantments (1:39): MP3
  14. Next Gen- part 11- Poet and critic (1:53): MP3
  15. Divided by a Common Language (5:03): MP3

Reading for the Whenever We Feel Like It series, Kelly Writers House, November 2, 2016

Complete Reading (58:10): MP3

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From Charles Bernstein's Portraits Series: Peter Middleton, October 16, 2006

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Peter Middleton
Peter was on his way back from Creeley Buffalo conference, which I had missed because of the devastating snow storm in Buffalo that weekend. The first time I met with Peter in New York was in the early 1990s. I remember going to the Riverside Park playground and while Emma played in the sandbox we chatted on about his entirely informative book The Inward Gaze: Masculinity & Subjectivity in Modern Culture.
(mp4, 38 seconds, 7.5 mb)

Two readings, Poetry and Empire: Post-Invasion Poetics [Presented at the ICA, University of Pennsylvania, 2003 ]

Wednesdays @ 4Plus, University at Buffalo, March 8, 1995

    Complete Reading (36:28): MP3

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