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Claude Royet-Journoud

photo ©2016 Charles Bernstein

Appearing on Close Listening with Charles Bernstein, November 28, 2019

Conversation (49:58): MP3

Claude Royet-Journoud discusses his 2021 book, L'usage et les attributs du cœur, Paris, May 17, 2021

Video by Jean-Paul Hirsch

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Reading from La finitude des corps simples, P.O.L, on occasion of its release, Paris, April, 28, 2016

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reading with book in hand

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on La finitude's composition

Lecture de Poète, filmed by François Sarhan, Paris, 2012

Royet-Journoud reads "A la ressemblance des bêtes" from Théorie des prépositions, P.O.L, 2007
"Kardia," Eric Pesty éditeur, 2009
"Asservissement de l'air à son vacarme," A la Pension Victoria, 2011

From Charles Bernstein's Portraits Series: Claude's Prepositions, October 25, 2008, Paris

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Claude Royet-Journoud
I dropped by Claude's apartment early in the afternoon on Rue de l’Aqueduc while I was in Paris for my Double Change reading. We talked through the day, just until I had to leave for Lyon.
(mp4, 36 sec., 9.4 mb)

Reading with Emmanuel Hocquard, Jacqueline Risset, and Jean Fremon at First Poetics Program French Poetry Festival, October, 18, 1995

  1. "‘Le drap maternel’ ou la restitution” (5:06): MP3
  2. Charles Bernstein reads his translation, “‘The Maternal Drape' or Restitution” (7:22): MP3, pdf of text
  3. “Descriptive Method,” part 2; Bernstein reads alternating sections of Keith Waldrop’s translation (9:03): MP3

Reading with Keith Waldrop at the Ear Inn, New York, November 3, 1984

  1. La Notion d'Obstacle (Gallimard, 1978) (31:38): MP3
  2. Keith Waldrop reads from his translation, The Notion of Obstacle (Windsor: Awede Press, 1978)
    Note: Royet-Journoud placed a ticking clock on the podium, which can be heard in the recording.

  3. from Les Objets Contiennent l'Infini (Gallimard, 1983), Book 3 (prose section) (2:54): MP3

Reading at the Centre international de poésie Marseille, June 1990

Id est (extraits 1 à 4) (4:09): MP3

Documentary with Edmond Jabés and Lars Fredrikson (1974)

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