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Andrew Schelling

Cross Cultural Poetics,Episode #301: Schelling on Love, April 3, 2014

  • Andrew Schelling talks about Love And The Turning Seasons: India‚Äôs Poetry Of Spiritual and Erotic Longing, a book he edited and translated for Counterpoint Press. (29:18): MP3

Cross Cultural Poetics, Episode #241: Cross Country, November 17, 2011

  • Andrew Schelling talks about and reads from his latest book of poems, From The Arapaho Song Book (La Alemada Press) (35:41): MP3

Cross Cultural Poetics, Episode #211: Emblems of Desire, February 18, 2010

  • Andrew Schelling, editor of Bombay Gin, discusses that Naropa based journal's recent issue, and reads from the Sanskrit.
  • Complete Recording (12:25): MP3

Left Hand Reading Series, Novemeber 16, 2000

  • introduction (2:24): MP3
  • reading (21:41)Mp3

Left Hand Reading Series, February 18, 1999

  • general introduction (0:08): MP3
  • Andrew Schelling (22:41): MP3

Reading at SUNY Buffalo with Anne Waldman, March 13, 1996

  • Introduction by Dennis Tedlock (3:09):MP3
  • Andrew Schelling (27:26): MP3
  • Andrew Schelling and Anne Waldman (6:28): MP3

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