Monday, February 03, 2014

Binyavanga Wainaina
to challenge Kenya’s
anti-gay laws
Barrett Watten:
My Presentism
The Year of Reading Women
2 new poems by Sappho
Frank Sherlock
is Philadelphia’s
second poet laureate
What will your verse be?
Apple hijacks
to  hawk iPads
Poetry vs. prose argument
leads to stabbing death
in Russia
Penelope Creeley:
Robert Creeley & his books
Robert Creeley’s
home movies
For Love:
Robert Creeley’s The Warning
Interviewing Hank Lazer
from the perspective of
Chinese poetry
Robert Duncan, Jess
& their wonderland of art

Poetry Readings in the SF Bay Area
part II) (part III)
part IV) (part V)
Kay Ryan
recovering from bike crash
Daisy Fried:
The Poetess Returns
Shrinking Women:
a poem goes viral
Remembering Amiri Baraka
Poets respond
to the NY Daily News feature
young women poets
The Vulnerable Rumble
in Wicker Park
The MLA subconference:
don’t mourn, organize!
Could poetry start an educational revolution?
Or is poetry kaput?
The bad girl’s guide to AWP
In the trenches of a language war
A book of 6,000,000 words,
each the same
Recreating a drowned font
Sina Queyras:
Sylvia Plath’s Elegy
for Sylvia Plath
The Unique Thoughts of Otherhood
Finding a poem
Al Purdy’s wall
Greg Djanikian’s Dear Gravity
Talking with Shanna Compton
Don Share’s Wishbone
Talking with the new editor
of the
Ko Un
receives a Golden Wreath
NY Times obit for
Juan Gelman
Poor. Old. Tired. Horse. -
The NY Review of Books
Amy King
trying to avoid
the Quietist / Post-Avant
Professional / Amateur
Cooked / Raw
Julien Poirier
flailing against history
Wearable books
let you
“feel the fiction”
A futurist book archive
(In Russian)
The “ugly spirit” of William Burroughs
(subscribers only)
Literary tourism in Chicagoland
A writer
a certain age
Richard Caddell
Writing in the Dark
Don DeLillo’s first “hit” novel
was published under a pseudonym
& is one he wants to forget
You knew it was in Texas
Yo, trade publishers:
B&N is headed the way of Tower Records --
then what?
Is Apple’s e-book fight
worth the trouble?
Talking with Brenda Hillman
A best-of-Canadian poetry 2013 list
with which it’s hard to argue
Coldfront is drawing out
Top 40 of 2013 list
Ten top “100 book” lists
All 9 issues of
The Recluse
Sinéad Morrisey
wins TS Eliot Prize
with a poem inspired by
David Niven
Peter Cole:
Why we read poetry
Mieczysław Weinberg:
Poetry after Auschwitz
Craig Morgan Teicher
on some poetry coming out in 2014
Carolyn Forché:
Can I get a witness?
The paratext’s the thing
Talking with Chang-rae Lee
U of Texas
loses competition
to avoid
Billy Collins archive
Toni Morrison:
Melville & the language of denial
Chang-Rae Lee’s dystopian sci-fi
Sophie Hannah tries to educate
David Cameron
about sex
Rob Halpern’s Music for Porn
Vanessa Place on Heimrad Bäcker
Amy King:
Wings of Desire
Robert Zend:
poet without borders
Kelly Cherry’s
The Life and Death of Poetry
365 --
almost great idea
Bringing Hafez to the West
Seriously bad book covers
Maxine Chernoff: Granted
Chernoff: Scene
Simon & Shoestore
sci-fi imprint
Anarchism & the English language
Gwendolyn Brooks’ archive
goes to U of Illinois
Jane Austen
was not a game theorist
Alessandro De Francesco:
Augmented Writing
Talking with De Francesco
Talking with Jim Harrison
An ode to slow reading
Indian poets bemoan
decline in reciting poetry
Reading is fundamental
Novel Approach:
A Coincidental Mail-Art Assemblage
Merriam-Webster word-of-the-year:
Richard Blanco
one year later
The free-lancer’s pyramid of
Jill Richards’ Distribution Series
Lord Quirk drops the ball
Does the US need a creative laureate?
John Ashbery on Jane Freilicher
Jasper Johns
that reproduction was not authorized
The Dark Would catalogue
The art world’s casual racism
The prime of Larry Poons
3 questions for Rámon Garcia
The photography / installation art of
Jee Young Lee
Reviving Ray Yoshida
The Drawing Center’s
Martha Beck
has died
Art critics matter
only if they engage
Jeffrey Deitch comes to Red Hook
Holland Cotter:
The gallery-industrial complex
When lofts are artist-only
who gets to be an artist?
A view from the easel
Basquiat @ home
Hans Hofmann: Purple modernism
Judge denies creditors’
request for independent valuation
of DIA artworks
Governor pledges to save
DIA art
Animating the old masters
One, two, many Andy Warhols
Protégés of Rem Koolhaas
Lonnie Holley:
The insider’s outsider
Milli Vanilli, the opera
The shameful neglect
American orchestral music
Pete Seeger’s testimony
before HUAC
Dublin’s Abbey Theater
blasted by independent review board
Do social media users commenting behavior
differ by community ties?
Talking with McKenzie Wark
Rebecca Solnit:
Resisting Monoculture
Social networking is a virus
Talking with Juliet Schor