For the Artists: Critical Writing, Volume 1

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Interviews with artists, reviews of gallery and museum shows by Greg Masters
with photos by Barry Kornbluh

This collection chronicles an exciting time in the artworld of 1980s Manhattan when a burgeoning gallery scene in the East Village evolved to rival the more established gallery outposts on 57th Street. And, Greg Masters, writing for a number of publications, covered it all – the well-known names and the upstart younger painters, photographers, sculptors, film-makers and creative folks working in various media pushing boundaries and complementing the existing legacy system more accustomed to uptown sensibilities.

Illustrating the text are 10 artist portraits by internationally acclaimed photographer Barry Kornbluh, as well as a number of reproductions of artists’ work, including two never-before-published drawings by Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Greg Masters brings a streetwise beat reporter’s savvy to his assignments. His interviewer’s questions are always to the point, intelligently formulated, and tactfully posed. When he comes to process his experiences with artists, it is his poet’s eye and ear that come into play. These words Masters wrote about Larry Rivers apply equally well to Masters’ own approach: “He dismembers the expected and embellishes the familiar.” – Vincent Katz, poet, author and critic

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Interviews with:
Rudy Burckhardt, Philip Hartman & Doris Kornish, Jean Holabird, Sam Messer, Elizabeth Murray, Larry Rivers, Sandy Skoglund.

Reviews of gallery and museum shows by:
Colette Alvarez Urbajtel, Suzanne Anker, Chet Augustine, Milton Avery, Adam Bartos, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Peter Bellamy, Joseph Beuys, Ronald Bladen, Chris Bobin, Suzanne Bocanegra, Rudy Burckhardt, Rene Burri, Marc Chagall, Stuart Davis, Werner Drewes, John Duch, Don Freemann, Omar Galliani, Michael Goldberg, Stephen Greene, Robert Hameline, Louise Hamlin , Eric Holzman, Yvonne Jacquette, Joel Janowitz, Bill Jensen, Barrie Karp, Minoru Kawabata, Peggy Katz, John Kennard, Deborah Maverick Kelley, Basil King, Kitty Klaidman, William Klein, Barry Kornbluh, Pamela Lawton, Stephanie Brody Lederman, Helen Levitt, Wyndham Lewis, Sally Mann, Shelley Marlowe, Randy Matusow, Rosemary Mayer, Karl A. Meyer, Joseph Koudelka, Eugene Richards, Gladys Nilsson, Isamu Noguchi, Robert Orsini, Park Avenue Cubists, Ljubomir Rastovski, Scott Richter, George Schneeman, Emil Schumacher, Johan Scott, Andres Serrano, Barbara Siegel, Sandy Skoglund, Jim St. Clair, Michelle Spark, Surrealism, Alphonse Van Woerkom, Edouard Vuillard, Sasha Waters, Todd Weinstein, David Wilson, Trevor Winkfield, Francesca Woodman, William Zorach, Michael Zwack.

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